Shalom Lamm On Israel’s Renewable Energy

Much of the energy in the world is still not renewable. Many countries have started progression towards solar energy because of the high demand to be independent. It obviously takes millions or even billions of dollars to fund such an extreme change. Shalom Lamm, a CEO and business savant believes that renewable energy is the right path for Israel. He has spent lots of time researching solar energy to provide his colleagues with explanations of how progressive Israel plans to be. 

The government had planned to have ten percent of national electricity produced via solar energy by the end of 2020. This is because as the gas emissions skyrocket globally, Israel wanted to make sure the people were safe and finding innovative ways to protect itself from negative environmental consequences. Lamm supports this renewable energy initiative because he knows it will protect people from devastation generations from now. In addition, it will help the country be more independent and generate electricity in its own fashion. On Shalom’s Twitter, it can be made apparent that he enjoys figuring out ways to help people. He has tremendous knowledge in the field of business and reality. His take on solar panels is that every home should have them. Of course, he understands how expensive it is to install solar panels, but after doing the math, it can save the individual money and help better the environment. 

Companies such as BrightSource Energy, SolarEgde, StoreDot, Brenmiller Energy, and Energiya Global all are willing to work with Israel to develop a solar field that can produce their thirty percent goal. Israeli officials want the country to be thirty percent renewable by 2030. As the year approaches, Lamm is determined to gain more knowledge about what that will mean for the people. 

From a geographical standpoint, Israel has lots of sunlight. Unlike other countries, the people can use that to their advantage when constructing solar panel fields. Although hydroelectric power and wind power may not be in the cards for the country, it’s still highly possible to activate the thirty percent goals the government has installed. As Shalom writes about current topics on his Blog, he also stays informed by reading many renewable energy news articles.  A new company, Eco Wave Power, has new ideas that can certainly brighten Israel’s future. Eco Wave Power is based in Tel Aviv, a city in Israel. It extracts energy from waves in the ocean. Then, the technology will convert it to zero-emission renewable elective power. The best part of this all is that it’s affordable. The Energy Ministry of Israel is very proud of the young entrepreneurs who developed the technology to bring renewable energy to Israel. Lamm has looked into investing in such technology because it could really be transformative for the nation. The people of Israel are so eager to help eliminate fossil fuels. Many countries, like the United States, have initiatives but are still producing cars with heavy fossil fuel emission. Tesla’s are of course a popular invention, but that isn’t;t affordable for most working-class individuals. It’s important that as Israel progresses into a healthier future, that ensures affordability with renewability. On Thrive Global, Shalom Lamm teaches his audience how to be respectful to everyone. As many changes occur for Israel, it can be frightening for some people. Will they be able to maintain their normal lifestyles? Will they be out of power for a certain amount of time? How will this affect the economy? It will definitely worry many. However, with The Energy Ministry of Israel guiding the way to more sustainable technology, everyone will be fully aware of what is going on and every step they will take to ensure the safety of citizens. Many countries have also taken steps to become more energy efficient and they have turned out successful. For example, Iceland who is almost fully energy efficient had to invest heavily to be so successful. About eighty-five percent of homes are geothermally powered, which is one day where Israel will also be.