The Importance of Voting

There are an abundance of reasons why a person should vote in the upcoming election. No matter who one votes for, it’s our responsibility, as citizens of this beautiful nation, to choose the next leader of this country. Alexander Djerassi, a diplomat, has encouraged all those he knows to vote this fall.

Voting usually becomes a controversial subject when it shouldn’t. Is one right or left? Does one agree with the current President’s endeavors? Whatever one believes in is sacred, but should be reflected in the upcoming elections. To ensure one is ready for the first week of November, registration is imminent. There have been countries that don’t get to choose their leader. To this day, many corrupt people are ruling nations based on violence. That’s why Alexander Djerassi states that voting is a gift. Being able to research a candidate, learn about their policies, and stand with them is unheard of in other places on Earth. Please, register to vote as soon as possible on one’s residential states website.