6 Very Simple SUV Care Tips Every Owner Should Know

One thing few people talk about is that SUVs often break down. Car owners rarely know how to properly take care of vehicles so if you do not know much about your sports utility vehicle, you should try to gain the knowledge you do not know. This is why the tips presented below will surely help you out a lot for any SUV, ranging from family SUVs to sporty SUVs.

Avoid Being Cheap

We all know that gas is expensive but few know that this is something that will affect your car. You should seriously consider spending just a little more at the more reputable stations. This means the SUV will receive higher-quality, richer gasoline. The gas will end up lasting longer and you end up saving more in the long run.

Choose The Very Best Insurance

If you look at policies, you quickly see that liability insurance is much cheaper than the full coverage option. However, absolutely every single specialist out there recommends getting more coverage, in a similar way with gas.

National insurance companies are often used by people. As a result, coverage plans can become expensive. The good news is that most local car insurance companies work on different rates based on the individual. Prices tend to be lower and you do get the extra bonus of warm, in-person customer service support.

Remove Key Chains

This is a very simple trick that every single SUV owner can remember and use. When you have car keys attached to key chains that are attached to other key chains, everything becomes heavier. The SUV’s ignition switch can only handle a limited amount of weight. In time, ignition switch failure is bound to happen. As you see, the solution for this is so much easier than what you might expect.

Use Your AC

Many SUV owners realize that the AC unit goes out very fast when summer begins. This is simply because the car’s AC is not used for the long cold winter season. When you let your AC flow for some minutes during the winter, just one time per week, the SUV is keeping the moving parts of the AC from freezing. Seals also remain completely pliant. As a result, your AC will work for longer and it will work better.

Don’t Wait For Due Dates To Change Oil

Most car and SUV manufacturers recommend that you change your oil every 10,000 or 5,000 miles. But, this is just the recommendation. It is just a lot better to regularly change the oil of your SUV. This will actually extend the engine’s life by up to 10 times.

Rotate Your Tires

Last but not least, this is a very obvious tip, but one that is so important it has to be highlighted. Your SUV’s tires need to be regularly rotated. Usually, this should happen every 7000 miles. Otherwise, you have to respect the indications of the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, there are many things that you can do in order to make your SUV last for longer. Take the suggestions mentioned above as just being starting points. Learn more from your mechanic.