4 Reasons to Install a Water Filter in an Office Kitchen

For your employees, one of the most-used spaces in the workplace is often the office kitchen. It’s not only a place to enjoy lunch, but the perfect place for snack breaks and grabbing a quick beverage. Besides the practical side of installing an office kitchen, there is also the fact that it adds to employee satisfaction in the workplace, as it makes them feel more valued and appreciated by their employer. With that said, you want to stay on top of making sure the kitchen has all the essentials that your employees need, according to specialist at Xpert Home Tips.

One upgrade you may not have thought of, but that could be a welcome addition, is to install a water filter. Unsure if it’s worth the investment? Here are four reasons why it’s worth it to go ahead and install a water filter in the office kitchen.

Encourages Employees to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

One of the first reasons to install an office water filter is the fact that it encourages your employees to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. They don’t have to worry about remembering to bring their own bottle of filtered water from home.

Besides keeping employees hydrated, drinking enough water has also been shown to help improve a person’s alertness, focus, attention span, and reaction time. All of these equate to more efficient and productive employees.

Encourages a Green Approach in the Office

Giving employees access to fresh filtered water all day long also encourages a green approach in the office. Rather than providing employees with single-use water bottles, a water filter means they just refill their own cup over and over. You may even want to take it a step further and provide each employee with their own reusable water bottle.

Replacement Filters Are Simple and Quick to Access

If you’re worried about the hassle of getting your hands on replacement filters for the water filter, you can buy online. You can order the replacement filter online and have it shipped right to the office. You’ll get free shipping on any order over $39, and they carry a wide array of filters. This system makes it really easy to ensure you’ve always got a fresh filter on-hand and ready to go.

Helps Employees Save Time

Finally, providing your employees with filtered water in the office means they don’t have to leave to go and get a drink. If they constantly have to head to a local coffee shop or restaurant to get a beverage throughout the day, you can bet those mini breaks are going to add up. That means constant interruptions in their workflow, which negatively impacts productivity.

A Small but Noticeable Addition to the Kitchen

So, while adding a water filter to the office kitchen may not seem like a big deal from an employer’s point of view, in reality, this is a gesture that will not only be noticed, but appreciated by your employees. It can also benefit office efficiency and productivity, which is music to an employer’s ears.