A Quick Interview with Gamelit Author Dames Handsome

Why should gamers get Fairy Knights for their kids to read?

The Fairy Knights are a great introduction to RPG games. I understand that a lot of gamer parents read litrpg stories to their children, but I suggest that books meant for adults are not just worrisome in their content at times; they also have a quite complicated gaming system. It is smart to introduce easy concepts that create a framework and then build up from there. Plus the jokes and humor are parent-written and son-approved, so there is a vetting process by a kid in that age range who is a gamer himself!

The narrative has no limitations or restrictions since it is a children’s novel. This novel is fascinating to read since it is set in a fully imaginary universe that bends to their desire (through magic).

Every youngster aspires to be a hero, but what does it include and what does it take? I appreciate the underlying message that you may do bad things with good intentions occasionally. It does not imply that you give up; rather, it implies that you learn.

Tell us something surprising you discovered about yourself or others in creating this book series.

I found out that I am not allowed to stop writing these books. My son told me that one night when he put down my third book. He said I must keep writing them and I can never stop.

Tell us about the latest book in the series, Tricks ‘n Trees.

This was our first holiday special, and it was so much fun to make. The moral of this particular story is ‘Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” and the heroes quest through mix-ups of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Chang Tory-Yang’, and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes”. So two European folktales and a Korean one. Plus a child’s parody of the Bachelor for good measure. It’s a great tale that my son absolutely adored and as I hear it his cousins do as well. The storyline was a bit surprising as well. It has the most dramatic fight of all of them, and really sets up things to let the teacher Dames join the team in an epic future quest.