5 Alternative Holiday Ideas with a Difference

If you have had enough of the annual resort vacation and would like to step out of your comfort zone a little, there are quite a few options. As the demand for unique experiences that are tailored to suit the client grows, more and more tour companies are putting together adventure holiday packages, and with online solutions, you can easily make all the arrangements yourself, which would save you some money. Here are a few ideas to consider when looking for an unforgettable holiday experience.

  1. Trekking in Peru – If you like to surf the travel blogs, you’ll notice a lot of content about trekking in Peru, one of the most attractive regions in the world, with excursions into the Andes on the menu. You have to spend a few days in a place called Cusco, a town at the base of the Andes, to acclimatise to the altitude, then you can experience a guided trek that you will never forget. Search online for Peruvian hiking trips and you’ll find all the info you need.
  2. Skydiving School – Everyone has to start at the beginning and a tandem jump at 15,000ft would be enough to hook you to skydiving, and you and your partner can enrol in a 3-week course to get certified, then you can both jump at the weekends. You’ll meet some amazing people when you go skydiving, and this would definitely be the start of something big.
  3. Luxury Yacht Cruise in Thailand – There is an established company that offers all-inclusive luxury yacht Charter in Phuket , the premier tropical Thai island destination and when you charter a luxury yacht, you decide where you go and how long you stay, before heading off to one of the many hidden beauty spots that the Andaman Sea hosts. They have an impressive fleet of luxury vessels that are crewed by seasoned professionals who know how to make you feel special, and you should experience life aboard such a boat at least once in your life.
  4. Cruising Antarctica – This mysterious continent is a very popular cruise destination, and you can depart from Sydney or Brisbane and follow the Humpback Whale’s migratory routes (you will certainly see many on the voyage) before sailing around the majestic columns of ice and observing the abundant marine life.
  5. Dogsledding in Alaska – Either Alaska or British Columbia can offer you breath-taking adventures aboard a husky sled, which is driven by a seasoned veteran who will show you the amazing diversity of nature in the vast wilderness. November through to March is the best time to do this, and with online tour operators, you can book your preferred dates and get ready for a unique holiday experience.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone and if none of the above appeal, the Internet hosts a wealth of information on alternative holidays, so you will find something that ticks all your boxes.