The Best Websites for Publishing Your Professional Bio in 2020

Making connections through online platforms is nothing new. In the early days of USENET, a messaging platform that was a major internet component before the web came around, professionals used to share some biographical information in the hopes that doing so would lead to business opportunities. These days, we can turn to specialized platforms and social networks where we can publish and share our information before making contacts.

When it comes to posting business profiles, some social networks and online platforms are better than others. Let’s review some of the most effective internet spaces for real business networking in 2020:


Some people think that LinkedIn is only for job seekers and the employers looking to hire them, but this is incorrect. LinkedIn has always been the most prominent social network for doing business; in fact, it has only become the world’s largest job marketplace over the last decade or so. Whether you work for a living or make your living through doing business, keeping a good LinkedIn profile is a must these days. Even if you are too busy to be active on social media, you should at least complete a LinkedIn profile that roughly follows the resume template. You would be surprised how effective this social network is when promoting product launches or announcing news about your company or professional practices.


While this is not technically a social network, it does have social network features, and it is the best platform to connect tech startups with investors. As you can see in this entrepreneur’s bio, Crunchbase provides a space where your professional information can be published in narrative form, and this is more adequate for tech company CEOs and founders who are seeking venture capital investments. You do not necessarily have to be active in the technology or venture capital sectors to benefit from Crunchbase profiles; a few financial professionals who are in the mergers and acquisitions space have also forged strong business connections on this online business directory.


By virtue of its short-form blogging format, Twitter does not come to mind as a social network where you can publish a professional bio. While it is true that there is simply not enough space to post a bio on Twitter, this does not mean you cannot link to it. The very short profile section of Twitter will allow you to post a link to Crunchbase, LinkedIn, or even the website where your full bio is posted. Twitter is simply the best network for branding, marketing, and getting noticed; even if you are not an avid social media user, you have to think about everyone else who may be paying attention to your activity. Business journalists, for example, make Twitter their first destination when looking up information. It should be noted that going through the process of verifying your Twitter profile is certainly worth the effort. As of 2020, you will need to provide a telephone number, organizational information, a photograph, and a website; moreover, your Twitter feed must be set to public and provide references.