Special Occasions That Warrant Renting a Supercar

While we would all love to drive a Lambo or a Porsche, a few of us actually get to realise that dream, but for the rest of us, there are specialist premier car rental firms who lease their supercars by the day. There are many reasons why a person might want to rent the use of a supercar, if only for a day and here are a few special occasions that definitely warrant renting a supercar.

  • Coming of Age – If your son is about to turn 21, why not make his day by renting a Porsche for him to drive for the day? This would make for an awesome surprise and one he would remember all his life; you could have the car delivered to a specific location, so you can create the scene for a Facebook Live session, to record his reaction when you hand him the keys of a sports car.
  • Celebrate Retirement – With luxury car rental from Rich Cars in Bangkok, what better way to celebrate the start of your retirement? Book a round of golf at your favourite country club and arrive in style driving an Italian sports car, then top the day with an evening dinner cruise for the perfect retirement gift to yourself.
  • Winning the Lottery – You might have a small win; not enough to quit your job, but certainly enough to rent a Ferrari for the day with something left over for a rainy day. If you were lucky enough to scoop the National Lottery jackpot, then rent the car of your dreams the day you receive your cheque. While the few that win tens of millions of pounds get publicity, there are many that win prizes from 500k down to 2k and renting a supercar to celebrate is a great idea.
  • Getting Married – Of course, the bride should arrive at the church in style and whether you want a driver or just the car, the prestige car rental company have you covered. This makes a memorable day even more memorable, as you and your bride leave the reception in a limousine and most prestige car rental firms have wedding cars in white and pink, complete with a uniformed chauffeur. Of course, the car would be fully insured, as this article outlines.
  • Anniversary Dinner – What better way to start the anniversary dinner than arriving in a limousine? You could surprise your partner and turn up in a supercar, which would really make her day. Choose a dinner venue that includes a drive through the country roads, or take in a show in the city and if you would rather have a chauffeur, this is possible.

As you can see, there are many occasions when you could rent your dream car and all it takes to find a prestige car rental company is a Google search. Treat your son or your daughter when they graduate and don’t forget to treat yourself when you win a promotion.