Design Tips For Your New Business Blog

Blogging is a very useful tool for businesses looking to build their connection with digital consumers.  People love to learn, and reading a blog while sitting down for morning coffee is a very common happening today.  

If you want your business to be a part of the people’s thirst for more knowledge, you have to know how to properly present your posts.  Take a moment now to read about a few design tips for your new business blog, and build a blog that makes an impact.  

Add social media sharing icons

Every good blog is shareable.  Think about it!  If you read a great blog entry about something super useful, one of the first things you want to do is show it to others.  

Sharing icons make it easy for readers to spread your message.  It’s a great marketing move, because your business gets a small visibility boost with every share.  

Check out just how simple it is to add the icons to your design.  This blog about centrifugal pump wear rings shows a good example of sharing made simple.  Look down at the bottom of the blog to find their subtle addition to the design.  

Optimize your content for mobile users

Optimizing your digital content for mobile users is important.  Mobile access to the web today is more prevalent than ever before in history, making mobile optimization a key function of relevance.  

Make mobile users feel comfortable reading your blog by formatting it to display and read well on today’s most common mobile devices.  Write choppy paragraphs for easier reading, and don’t add unnecessary clutter to your pages.  

Incorporate the concepts of SEO 

Make sure your blog design reflects the concepts of search engine optimization.  SEO is the way you learn how to create digital content that is easy to find.  

Boosting the visibility of your blog will help boost the visibility of your business.  Dig into the various elements covered under the umbrella term SEO, and apply what you learn along the way to all of the digital content you disperse online.  

Create speedy loading pages

Speed is important in all realms of business, and designing digital content is no exception to the rule.  Make sure your blog posts load quickly on readers’ screens by optimizing any media additions and other aspects of your digital design.  

Organization is always a perk
Design the layout of your business blog with simple organization in mind.  If you have quite a few entries in your collection, a lack of organization could be a real turn off to web users.  Create a simple category setup to help users search through your posts and find just the right pieces of information they need to suffice their curiosities.