Frequently Asked Questions About Feather Flags for Your Better Understanding

Feather flags are deemed ideal for bringing in a unique personality to the surroundings of your business space, trade show, conventional center, hotel, club, restaurant, store, and many other such places. There are many variants of feather flags available now, and you can custom print your logo or content on to it to give it a more personalized look. In this article, we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about feather flags and expert answers.

FAQ on feather flags

Q: Is a blade flag and feather flag the same? Or which is better among teardrop flags and custom feather flags?

These types of questions are so common when someone plans to choose custom flags for promotions. Feather flags are advertising flags in the form of a size up a feather. It is also called a feather banner. There are other customizations also of feather flags as swooper flags and flag banners etc. Similar to feather flags, there is also another other popular custom flag known as teardrop flags. These, in the form of a teardrop, are also good in advertising. So, the names usually come from the shape of the custom flags, which, even though they are fundamentally the same, differs in shapes and layouts.

Q: What materials are used to make feather flags?

Feather flags are usually made of durable, lightweight materials like 4 oz. Polyester or fabric etc. Sometimes, the weight of the material may also be referred to as 110 gm.  The polyester material can last for a longer time than that of cloth and is the best choice for outdoor use. A slight breeze flowing through it will allow the feather flags to flutter around and offer a waving effect.

Q: What are swooper flags?

As we have seen above, Swooper flags are the same as feather flags.  Swooper flag means the flags which need air to blow to stay open. However, basic feather flags do not necessarily need wind to stay open, but their full appeal is only when the wind is there.

Q: How much a feather flag will last?

Like any other reusable banners, feather flags can last for long if you care for them properly. Sometimes, you may be fixing the flag permanently outdoors at your location, or you may dismantle it after use and keep it protected. With proper usage, a good feather flag banner may last for up to three years. For outdoor flags, continuous exposure to the sun and other harsh environmental elements may affect the flags’ quality.

Q: Will the feather flags fly away with the heavy wind?

Usually, the poles and the base of feather flags are made strong to keep the flag in place; however, it is possible that strong winds or hurricanes can blow it off the pole. It is an ideal approach to mount the flaps vertically and use a tie-down clip to keep the flag in position during moderate to heavy winds.

There are many other frequent questions asked by the feather flag buyers, which we will discuss in detail in another article of this series.