How To Choose The Right Family Attorney

How To Choose The Right Family Attorney

When someone separates, it can be an emotional and worrying time where someone’s future and finances are left unclarified and uncertain. Going through the legal process of divorce will also have its challenges.  That is why finding the right divorce family attorney to stand beside you is crucial during one of the most challenging periods of your life.

No matter where you are in the western world, people going through a separation will ask themselves, “How do I choose a good family attorney?”. “Who can I trust to achieve the best possible outcome for me and my family?”.

While the question may be subjective, no matter if someone is looking for local legal support from the options within their community or from a reputable family lawyer Brisbane, Washington, New York, or even London-based, the key is to find a legal professional who is proactive, experienced and supportive along the way.

Here are the most important criteria on how you can find the right legal representation for you:

A specialist in family law

  • Always look for an attorney with the legal qualifications, skills and knowledge needed for the job. General practice attorneys will not carry the accreditations or memberships of legal professional associations.
  • Family law can be complex. You need the best support possible from a specialist family legal professional who has proven qualifications in problem solving in the areas of family law that concern your case.

Experienced in family law

  • Ask your attorney what experience they bring to the table, so you know you have the right legal professional who has dealt with your type of issue in the past.
  • Your attorney will need to have proven experience in negotiation, custody issues, court hearings and any kind of financial matter that may affect your case, so they can confidently and proactively represent you for the best possible outcome.

Good reputation

  • What do others say about the legal firm or the attorney that you are considering to represent you? Check what others have said through testimonials, which are freely available online.
  • If someone has recommended you to contact a particular attorney, question the person with greater depth to find out exactly why they are suggesting that legal professional so that you have a more complete understanding.
  • With reputation comes respect. Look at the firm and the particular attorney’s bio on line to find out more about their background and what others are saying.


  • Look for personal compatibility. Your relationship with your attorney will be a long-term one, so you need to choose someone that you can trust. No matter if your case takes a few months or even years, it is important that you choose the right person who you can trust and who will best understand your case.
  • Look for a divorce attorney who is client-focused from the outset, from your first inquiry. Do they make you feel comfortable? Can you open up to them?
  • Find out if your chosen representative actively cares for others. You can check to see if they are active in the community, or if they work for not-for-profit organisations or volunteer at legal centers?  If you are unsure, then ask them directly.

Ask for a referral

  • Many business people know or regularly meet with divorce attorneys as part of their daily work life and can often be a referral source that you can tap into. Be bold to ask your contacts if they can recommend a great family attorney with the qualifications and reputation that you are looking for.
  • There may be friends or family in your circle of relationships who can speak to you about their experiences and provide a reference. They may also be able to impart some important words of advice to help you through what can be a difficult time.

Whoever you decide upon to represent you, remember that the research that you put into the selection of your family law attorney now will have a great impact on the outcome of your case and what you experience throughout the process.  You will soon be opening up some of the most sensitive and private aspects of your life so you need an attorney who becomes your trusted advisor, advocate and support.