7 Summer Wholesale Dresses

7 Summer Wholesale Dresses

Summer can be a tricky time for fashion, since high outside temperatures leave us with minimal fabric to work with. That’s why you need a wide array of light and lovely dresses to fill your closet and never leave you wondering what to wear!

True fashionistas know that wholesale clothing is a fantastic way to get quality, affordable dresses delivered for the summer. Now, we want to share with you the 7 Summer Wholesale Dresses that make it easy to look amazing whenever warm weather rolls around. 

Pleated Dresses

Some people think that pleats are for old-timers, but we disagree! Many of our favorite trendy summer dresses have folds in the fabric from the waist down, creating a bohemian vibe perfect for the beach or a music festival.

Never tried on a pleated dress before? You’ll find them to be super comfortable as well. They have a bit more weight at the bottom so you can feel relaxed when lounging around or in a more formal setting.

Maxi Dresses

Nothing says summer cocktail party like a bright and vibrant maxi dress that falls all the way to the floor! They may not be the most versatile pieces, but if you are dressing to impress, these are a great lightweight option that show off funky fabrics and unique designs.

The key word here is elegance. If you really want to turn heads this summer, pick up a few bold maxi dresses and wear them with confidence.

Mini Dresses

Sometimes you want to show a little more skin and rock a mini dress during those hot summer days and nights! These pieces are the best for wearing to the beach or talking a casual stroll through the neighborhood.

Scoop necks, ruffled hems, long and short-sleeve alike, there are endless varieties of mini dresses that fit your particular summer style. Try out something new this season and expand your fashion horizons!

Crochet + Lace

Who ever said that crochet was only meant for knit hats, or that lace was exclusively fancy? We believe these styles can be applied to summer dresses as well, and the latest trends show that crochet and lace are catching on in a big way.

A little bit of crochet detail around the neck or at the end of the sleeve can make a dress look more wholesome, while some lace can look more flirty and fun! See what patterns fit your style and never hesitate to try something new.

Floral Dresses

Just like the flowers they depict, floral dresses seem to pop up every summer and bring just as much delight as the years before. 

You can’t go wrong with any type of floral print on a shirt or romper, but this pattern really comes to life on a long, billowy dress that catches the warm summer breeze. Whether you select a bold red and white rose color combo or a more classic sunflower print, there’s a bouquet that will fit your summer style perfectly.

Long-Sleeve Dresses

The sun may burn bright in the summer, so sometimes you want a bit of extra coverage. Long-sleeve dresses offer the best of both worlds, letting you feel free while reducing exposure in the arms. Nobody on earth wants a sunburn!

We love the ¾ sleeve look because you can roll them up at any time, but full length sleeves are also a great pick. Grab a few different styles and put them in your rotation.


Whether you go long or short, formal or casual, there is a great summer dress out there waiting for you. Now go enjoy the summer while it’s still here!