Top SEO Tactics for Local Moving Companies

Middle size rig semi truck with box trailer standing on the city street with urban multilevel apartment buildings unloading delivered goods

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in almost any business’s success in the digital age. By improving rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), a business can potentially attract more customers.

That said, the right SEO tactics for a given business can depend somewhat on the type of business. For example, a moving company’s SEO strategy may be different from that of a mega-corporation like Apple.

A moving company should prioritize local SEO when developing a strategy for boosting Google rankings. Local SEO involves targeting users within a certain geographic area. Because a moving company can only serve customers in its service area, prioritizing local SEO is more cost-effective than  global SEO strategy.

Professionals offering moving company SEO services could help you develop a strategy that’s ideal for your business. In the meantime, SEO tactics to consider include:

Offer Moving Tips

Getting eyes on your site requires giving users a reason to visit it. To that end, use your site to offer content addressing the questions and concerns someone might have when planning a move.

You can offer moving tips through a blog, podcast, video, and more. If applicable, consider offering moving tips specific to the region you serve.

Engage With the Community

Getting other websites to link to yours will also boost rankings. “Link building,” the process of generating external links to your site, is often an important element of SEO for moving companies.

One way to generate links while also improving your moving company’s overall reputation within the community is to find online publications covering local stories and topics. Reach out to the owners and editors of these publications to find out if they accept guest submissions. Submitting guest posts with links back to your site may signal to Google’s algorithm that your site offers authoritative content.

Test Your Site on Mobile

A website’s performance can influence Google rankings. For example, maybe a page takes too long to load. In our fast-paced world, users may be inclined to click away from these pages relatively quickly. In doing so, they may be telling a search engine algorithm that your site’s content is low quality.

Test all pages of your site to confirm they load reliably and all elements of the site perform consistently. When doing so, check your site on both desktop and mobile. According to data from Statista, mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop browsing.

Claim Your Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) may improve your business’s odds of showing up not only in traditional SERPs, but also in Google Maps results. Appearing in local search results is very important for a moving company that serves customers in a particular region.

Ask for Reviews

When you feel customers are happy with the service you’ve provided, ask them for reviews. Positive online reviews can play a major role in SEO for moving companies.

Moving Company SEO Tips: The Importance of Adjustment

These recommendations can help you inject life into an SEO strategy that isn’t yielding results. That said, it’s smart to remember that SEO best practices are always changing and developing. By staying on top of these changes, you’ll provide your business with a unique competitive edge.

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