5 Anti-Aging Habits to Start Right Away

5 Anti-Aging Habits to Start Right Away

Whether you’re in your twenties and not concerned about fine lines and wrinkles or in your thirties and beginning to wonder what anti-aging eye cream is, one thing is certain:  you are going to age, and so is your skin.  As such, there are some things you should start doing to protect your skin from premature aging no matter where you are on the timeline of life.  In fact, the earlier you start preventive measures, the less effort you’ll have to make later in life when fine lines and wrinkles do start to appear.  

Not just a matter of lines and wrinkles, aging skin also loses its brightness and clarity, and overall texture and firmness.  So what can you do right now to slow this process down and keep your skin as healthy as possible?  Here are five great tips. 

1.     Anti-aging moisturizers.  Maybe you think anti-aging products, like anti-aging moisturizers, are all hype.  We think the truth is, you just don’t know how they work and what ingredients are proven to help reduce the effects of aging and which don’t.  Take, for instance, a great CBD aging moisturizer.  Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is a natural, plant derived oil that is extremely effective in efforts to combat aging.  CBD is an excellent skin moisture balancer, and helps hydrate your skin effectively without overhydrating oily patches or leaving dry patches just as dry.  As such, your skin is rejuvenated and feels firmer and healthier over all.

2.     Anti-aging facial serum.  Facial serums are sometimes passed over because people feel that they don’t need to use them if they’re using a great quality moisturizer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Serums, generally speaking, contain higher levels of anti-aging ingredients than moisturizers or cleansers.  They are best applied after your face has been cleansed properly and moisturized.  This is because a facial serum creates a protective barrier over your skin that keeps the good stuff in, and bad environmental irritants out. 

3.     Anti-aging cleansers.  Cleansers may be dead last on your list of products that need to contain anti-aging ingredients.  After all, they just take off makeup and dirt, right?  Wrong.  Cleansers prepare your skin for the other products you will use, so using a cleanser that works congruently with the remainder of your skin care routine is of utmost importance.  For the best anti-aging benefits, select a cleanser that also exfoliates your skin.  This will help remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil, and clean the pores to the deepest possible level so that your other anti-aging products can reach deep below the surface level of the skin to treat your skin at the cellular level. 

4.     Anti-aging night repair creams.  A crucial habit to start right this second is using a nighttime anti-aging repair cream.  Your skin does most of its restorative, reparative work while you sleep, so there is no better time to give your skin the most powerful anti-aging ingredients than before you go to sleep.  A great anti-aging night repair cream will include ingredients like CBD, retinol, and a great probiotic.  One of the most effective things you can for your skin is feed it before bedtime.  

5.     Use that sunscreen.  We would be remiss without mentioning one of the most beneficial things you can do to prevent premature aging on your skin is to use sunscreen.  Practically nothing damages your skin more than exposure to the sun.  Using a sunscreen daily can prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles and also prevent age spots from forming.  Additionally, sun damage can cause skin to sag and lose its firmness.  

Keeping your skin looking young and youthful is an easy process made easier if you start early.  Taking care of your skin from the earliest possible age is the best way to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.