5 Ways To Tend To Your Self Care

Taking good care of yourself is a big part of living a long and healthy life.  Neglecting to take time in your life for yourself can lead to excess stress, physical ailments, and many other disruptive circumstances.  

However, it’s not always easy to find the time or know what to do to treat yourself.  Take a deep breath, and then take a few minutes to think.  Read through these self-care ideas and suggestions, and plan a “you” day sometime soon.  

Make sleep a priority 

Sleep is vital for every realm of your happiness and health.  If you don’t get enough sleep, you place more stress on your body and your mind.  Your mental health can quickly be placed in an unstable situation when you don’t allow your body at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day.  

Without a stable mind and body, you can’t give your best effort to your goals and those who mean the most to you.  Make sleeping a priority at night, and you’ll feel better during those hard days.  

Spend time with a hobby

Self care could also come in the form of hobby time.  Maybe you’re a gun enthusiast, and shooting your AR-15 at the range is an excellent form of therapy.  You may love to craft.  Whatever piques your interest, take time for a fun hobby from time to time. 

Eat right and exercise 

Just as sleep is vital to a healthy mind and body, eating well and exercising regularly is crucial to your overall health.  You need to keep your body moving to keep your heart and mind well.  

Make sure you’re eating foods that are right for your individual health, and take the time to get some exercise each day.  Try investigating the blood type diet to get a little more information on your body’s individual dietary needs.  

Learn to say no sometimes

Helping out your fellow neighbor is a good thing, but boundaries are also quite necessary in life.  Learn to balance the times when you say yes and the times when you say no to people, and don’t make yourself feel bad when you do tell someone you can’t help.  

Overextending yourself can make your reputation suffer.  When you miss appointments because you’re exhausted or you’ve overscheduled yourself, you’re only doing damage to your future.  Learn when it is appropriate to say no, and take your power back.  

Take a self care day/trip

Time is a hot commodity, and giving yourself some time is a great way to practice self care.  Take some time away from everything and everyone to just sit in peace.  
You may want to go on a solo hike, or you could do something as simple as taking a day to yourself in the guest room.  Self care weekend trips are also quite refreshing.  Whatever you do, do it alone every once in a while.