Two Men’s Must-have Outfits for the Summer

Two Men's Must-have Outfits for the Summer

Summer heat means that you want to wear as little as possible when you are outside. Without layers, it can be harder to put together a good-looking outfit. You can put together great stylish outfits that look natural in the summer, and even include layers without succumbing to the stifling heat. 

Utilize Tank Tops

You probably know that tank tops are great to wear in the summer heat because they are so much more breathable and won’t develop ugly pit stains like t-shirts. However, tank tops can also offer you new opportunities in summer style. Here are some traits to look for in men’s tank tops that will have you looking great all summer.

  • Breathable. The more airflow in your tank top, the better. Choose a breathable fabric that is 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend that will keep you cool.
  • Fit. Tank tops should have a fitted appearance, but they should not be tight. You should be able to pinch a tank top on both sides of your abdomen without pulling the fabric away from your skin.
  • Design. Summer is a good time to have fun with designs. If you’re going to wear a button-up over your tank top, you can have fun with the design that will show through. Pick something that you love, with bold lines that make the design clear. Keep in mind that dark, bold designs will show through light button-downs, so stick to solid tanks or muted designs if you want a light button-down.
  • Limited color palette. To make accessorizing easier, choose a tank top that has only a few colors. Whether you choose a graphic design, a print, or a tie-dye tank top, be sure that it has colors you’ll want to pull from for your other layers and accessories.

Light Button-Up Shirts

If you want to look your best while still staying cool, a light button-up over your tank top is a great way to go. You can wear your button-up shirt completely open or with just a few buttons undone. You may be surprised by how cool you stay.

Light button-downs enable airflow and may even keep you cooler by keeping the sun off your skin. Here are some considerations in choosing light button-up shirts to wear over your tank top:

  • Don’t let the tank top design show through the fabric. You want to be able to see the graphic or print under your button-up, but you don’t want to see through it. Choose darker button-ups for bolder prints. Wear solid or lighter colored tank tops if you’ll be wearing a light-colored button-up.
  • Breathable fabric. The ideal button-up shirt will keep you cooler, not make you warmer. Look for all-natural materials like cotton and loose, open weaves in the fabric to let the air move through and product descriptions that advertise breathability. 
  • Fit. You want a loose, breathable fit in your button-up shirt. Sleeves clinging to your arms will reduce airflow and make you hotter. If you’re choosing a long sleeve shirt, make sure that there is plenty of room around your arms. Whether you’re choosing short or long sleeves, check that you have plenty of room under your arms to let the air move.

Dress in Style This Summer

You don’t have to give up style and layering to be cool enough this summer. Using a great tank top with a cool pattern or graphic under a light button-up enables you to be cool while still looking your best. You may be surprised to find that this outfit is cooler than just wearing a t-shirt and shorts.