What You Need To Know If You Think You Are Going To Be Arrested

Interactions with police should be taken seriously as you don’t want the result to be an arrest. Antagonizing police in any situation is not a good idea which you need to keep in mind. If you think you are going to be arrested, you need to think about beating the charges. You do not have to speak to the police if you think they are trying to build some sort of case against you. The following are things you need to know if you have been or are about to be arrested. 

Use Your Right To Remain Silent

Trying to explain a situation might not be your best bet. The officers can lie to you in order to get the information they need in order to help improve their case. DWI cases are a great example of this as you can answer in a short way. You might be told you won’t be able to drive if you don’t submit to testing but what is conveniently omitted is that most states have a work-only license. You should not explain anything to the officers and invoke your right to legal representation. 

Most criminal defense lawyers are going to be grateful for a client that did not speak to the police. This means that they did not verbally incriminate themselves which happens in a number of cases. 

Your Attorney Matters

Picking the right attorney might take some research. If you have a legal professional in the family, their reference can be very valuable. Getting a great plea deal can happen simply because prosecutors do not want to litigate against a certain attorney. Looking into a Raleigh criminal lawyer or one in North Carolina can be done online. Experience with certain judges or prosecutors can be invaluable. The rapport that is built over the years between those in the local court system can help your case immensely.

You need to have goals in terms of your case and your attorney will let you know if these are realistic. Being caught doing something on camera is far different than something that allegedly happened without witnesses. A plea deal could be the best result so work with your attorney. Constantly switching legal representation is a recipe for disaster and this will become worse if you represent yourself. 

Your Bail Might Have Conditions

Your bail could have conditions of not being able to return to a location or contact a particular individual. You might be monitored on this so you don’t want to go back to jail until your court date. The last thing you want to do is spend weeks or months of your life in jail for a misdemeanor charge. Ask questions to a probation or community corrections officer that is on your case if you are wondering about anything. You might be required to stay in the state where you reside. 

Getting arrested is not the end of the world as you still can defend yourself with an attorney in a court of law. Use the tips and advice above to protect yourself.