What Is Considered The Best Rolling Paper For Cannabis?

It doesn’t matter how long you have been a toker, you should know a thing or two about how to roll it. But how do you know if you are using the best rolling paper for cannabis? And what if you are a newbie? It doesn’t matter how well you roll a joint – you can only roll it as well as the paper will let you. 

With so many options for rolling papers on the market, it is hard to know which will provide you with the perfect smoking session unless you do some research. So, let’s get started. 

What is the Best Rolling Paper for You? 

You may find rolling papers that are so easy to roll anyone can use them. But just because they are easy doesn’t mean they give you the smoking experience you are looking for. There are additional rolling papers that require a little more skill to use, but if you are patient and practice, you may find you enjoy the experience they bring much better. 

Smoking is a personal experience so you will need to consider a few things, such as: 

  • The size of the joint you prefer
  • Whether you even want a joint at all – maybe you prefer a cone
  • Just how nimble your fingers are
  • The time and effort you want to spend on rolling

Take some time, ponder your answers, then move on to determine the best type of rolling paper. 

What Are You Smoking?

People have been smoking weed for years – and they haven’t always had the neatest little packages of rolling papers. Today, rolling paper has transformed into a few popular choices that have stood the test of time with each giving the smoker a different experience. 

  • Rice Paper – Rolling with rice paper has been around for centuries and is still commonly used today. This paper is incredibly thin which makes it super safe to smoke, but also very challenging to roll. 
  • Wood Pulp – Wood pulp has also been around for a long time. But, unlike rice paper, wood pulp is a little more hearty. When it comes to standard rolling paper, the wood pulp would win the title. It is accessible and easy to use. 
  • Hemp Paper – If you are looking for a rolling paper that is a safe option, it is hemp paper. This natural choice is great for everyone in the hemp community. There are no dyes or additives to worry about, but you may find them to be a little tricky to roll. 

Before we move on, it is important to note that you should always pay attention to what you are smoking. Remember, when you light that joint – more than just your cannabis is going into your lungs. So, know what is in your rolling paper. It is not uncommon to find bright white papers that have been bleached and treated with chlorine. Others contain heavy metal contamination that includes things like cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead, as well as many different types of pesticides. 

On your quest for the best rolling papers, look for those that are all-natural, unrefined, and 100% GMO-free. And, if organic is an option, that is your ideal paper. Keep this in mind as you experiment with different rolling paper options to find the best one for you. 

Are Pre-Rolled Cones the Best? 

Pre-rolled cones are not rolling paper per se, but they are the best way to smoke your weed. They are growing in popularity, too. Even those who have been smoking for years and seem to be a pro at rolling joints are in awe over the time-saving simplicity they get with a pre-rolled cone – without giving up a satisfactory smoking sesh. 

Who knows – maybe the best rolling paper for cannabis is actually a pre-rolled cone. 

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