How to Reconnect with Your Spouse After Having a Baby

How to Reconnect with Your Spouse After Having a Baby

Bringing a baby into a family is a wonderful time of much love and thankfulness. New parents can watch the life they created, smile, and laugh but and can’t help but feel overfilled with joy. A new baby can also bring sleepless nights, breastfeeding struggles, and mountains of dirty diapers that need to be changed and thrown away. Partners may struggle to find time to be with each other, which can expand into a feeling of being disconnected. Try these helpful tips to reconnect with your spouse and add love and adventure back into your daily life.

Make Time to Talk

Each day can become a rush of taking care of the baby, household chores and work responsibilities. It can be easy to fall into a care routine with only minimal interactions between spouses. Make the time each day to ask about work, how they’re feeling and what they have planned. Share funny videos and pictures to make them laugh. You may struggle at first to remember to put more effort into your relationship due to the overwhelming force of having a new baby. Taking time each day to connect with your partner in even the smallest ways can reaffirm the strength of your relationship.

Show Love and Care

Raising a baby can mean having different daily schedules that minimize how often you see and talk to your spouse. It’s essential to remember you and your partner are on the same team while taking care of your newborn. Give your spouse a kiss when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed. Make them their favorite drink when they least expect it and plan time to watch a movie or just sit with each other when the baby is napping. Restore and build up the intimacy that may have lessened in recent weeks. Remember loving routines or tasks you used to do for your partner before the baby and try to add them back into your current routine.

Have an Intimate Relationship

Physical intimacy is often immediately put on hold with a new baby. This tends to make everyone less happy and much more stressed. It can be difficult to feel sexy and in the mood when you smell like your baby’s puke most of the day. Plan a time to boost your intimacy with some private time. Boosting your sexual wellness can please both partners and encourage further intimate interactions in the near future. Parents are still human beings who have needs that should be regularly met to maintain the health of their relationship.

Plan Date Nights

While adding casual love and care into your daily life, don’t forget to also add romance. A relationship is often much different with a child but that love, dedication and intimacy are still there. Date nights are a wonderful way to reconnect romantically and strengthen a relationship. Plan a date to your spouse’s favorite restaurant or stay in and make a lovely meal they’re sure to enjoy. Showing that you care about them and want them to be happy is a wonderful way to repair a relationship that may have staggered under the pressure of a baby.