Tips For Prepping Your Backyard For A Fun Summer!

Tips For Prepping Your Backyard For A Fun Summer!

Last spring and summer, most of us realized how important a comfortable and private backyard really is. Because we were unable to attend festivals, shows, markets, and other large outdoor gatherings that filled up our warmer days, we relied on patios and decks to enjoy the rays without taking the risk of exposing ourselves to COVID-19! In the past year, quite a few trends have emerged to take your outdoor living space to the next level. Additionally, with the hope that this summer is going to be a good one, why not prep your backyard for some fun gatherings when it’s safe to do so. Here are a few tips according to top agent insights:

Fire Pits

Fire pits are among the most popular backyard upgrades, and provide both warmth and a bright space for people to gather around. Nowadays, there are a variety of different ones to choose from. For some, a traditional fire pit composed of metal that you can burn firewood in will suffice. For others, especially in dryer areas with high fire danger, propane fire pits are also a good option.

If a fire pit doesn’t fit into your outdoor scheme, consider a fireplace! Outdoor fireplaces have a more refined and chic look, and fit right in with patios. 

Cozy Furniture

There are tons of options for outdoor furniture to choose from! If your outdoor setup features a patio, consider purchasing an umbrella and table set up. Some teak chairs with outdoor cushions to surround the table will make hosting something to actually look forward to.

If your style is more outdoor living or dining room, then purchase furniture to do just that. Outdoor rugs, couches, and sectionals along with an outdoor bar and stools is a good place to start. Pair with the outdoor fire pit or fireplace for the ideal summer night. 

For those on the hunt for a new home, keep your eye out for those with a nice outdoor setup. Check out a home affordability calculator to see which houses with this setup are within your budget!

Lighting Decor

For those warm summer evenings where you’re sharing food and drinks with all of your close friends—fingers crossed—you’ll want to make sure your backyard is lit up nicely. Bright spotlights can be uncomfortable, and too dim of lights can be dangerous. Spruce up your outdoor space with string lights, pathway lights, and some other decorative lighting ideas. Lighting is also a fantastic way to help add in some decoration to tie the room together!

Games and Entertainment

Who doesn’t love days in the sunshine, sipping on something cold, and playing cornhole? Outdoor games are a great backyard addition and in comparison to the features listed above, are the easiest and least expensive addition. Some games include cornhole, volleyball, and horseshoes! 

Another idea in addition to games is an outdoor sound system or a projector setup. You’ll be entertained all summer long.

While we’re all hoping for a fun and safe summer, make sure to consider some of the upgrades above to get your backyard entertainment ready!