The Different Types of Aluminum Finishing for Aluminum Doors

The Different Types of Aluminum Finishing for Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is one of the most popular types of metal in the world. It’s very versatile and can be used to make doors and windows of almost any kind! They’re lightweight and easy to use, which makes them a great choice for homes and commercial buildings. The other great thing about them, is that you can tailor their finish to really fit the aesthetic you’re going for. If you’re unsure about the different types of aluminum finishings there are in the market and the one that you should go for, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 finishings for you to choose from!

Top 5 Types of Aluminum Finishings

  1. Mechanical Finish

    This is the most common type of finishing used in aluminum doors, but it’s also the most basic. There’s not a lot of fancy stuff going on with these. They’re basically buffed and polished using machinery that creates a very smooth and even surface by the end of the process. This brings out the original color of the metal and goes very well with most types of glass finishings as well. Making this a great option for people who just want something simple for their space that just gets the job done, and it looks great too!
  1. Chemical Finish

    This is when things get a little more interesting. This is when instead of using machines to buff the metal down, a chemical treatment is applied or sprayed onto the surface of the aluminum to add to it. This can be anything from chemical cleaning liquids to get rid of soils and debris off of already made aluminum doors, or chemical brightening treatments to bring out the shine from aluminum that might’ve dulled. If your aluminum door is really shiny and that’s not the look you wanted, you can have a mattifying treatment done to give it a brand new look!
  1. Anodised Finish

    If you have a regular silver metal finish on your aluminum door, and you wanted something with color instead, you can get the look even without painting it by getting an anodized finish done on the door! This is a process where the aluminum itself is submerged in an acid electrolyte bath and current is passed through it, the chemical reaction makes the aluminum change color! The longer the aluminum is left to set in the bath, the more the color changes, so there are tonnes of different options you can go for with this. It’s also a great option to go for if you’re looking for something to use outdoors because it also adds a layer of UV Protection!
  1. Powder Coating Finish

    This finish is like painting your aluminum but without any solvent being used. It’s a dry version of paint. Resin and pigment are mixed together to create a tacky mixture that grabs onto the surface that it’s being sprayed on. It’s a great finish to use outdoors because of its resilience! This is a finish that will last you years!
  1. Enamel Paint Finish

    Finally, we have good old enamel paint. These are generally used all over the house and can also be used on aluminum doors. This finish might not be as long-lasting as the others, but with proper care, it should last you a pretty long time!

If after going through these options, you still can’t decide which finish would be the best for you, you can call a professional service like door installation Rochester, to come and inspect your doors and suggest which type of finish would work best for you and last the longest!