Who Still Sits, In This Age?

Sitting, they say, is the new smoking. You probably thought the apocalypse is near as research results available all over the internet alerted the world to the harmful effects of smoking, how smokers are liable to die young. If you are in that league, well, the news now is, sitting for hours on end may even be worse than smoking. Resulting from the above proclamation is a palpable shift from the use of chairs in offices, evidenced by the rise in the adoption of standing desks and stools at workplaces, even in large organizations worldwide. We can’t argue with researchers, at least not much. However, most of these potential hazards are obtainable in association with traditional sitting chairs, the ones not optimized for the human body.

Come to think of it, if you happen to have a job that just requires you to sit down for most of the day, such as being a pilot or driver, would you quit because everyone wants to keep standing? Probably not. There are also several people with health conditions, like pregnant women, who just cannot afford to keep standing postures for long periods. For these groups of humans as well as others who don’t want to, ergonomic chairs come in handy, with numerous health benefits.

Who Stole My Backache?

Ergonomic chairs are designed to serve as support for the pressure points in your body while sitting. They have adjustable backrests, designed to fit the curvature of the human back, thereby evenly dispersing pressure on your back.  You can also shift these backrests up or down as you like. This reduces the stress on your neck, upper and lower back. Getting the best office chair for lower back pain is important for your health and it’s worth the investment.

Little To No Neck And Shoulder Pain

Most ergonomic chairs come with neck rests, which are even adjustable. These added small pieces can make a lot of difference, as they reduce the amount of work required to hold your neck for long periods. Make sure you do some research and find the best computer chair for long hours of work.. Thus, the strain on the neck and shoulders are significantly reduced, and you have one less pain to worry about. Resting your head on a comfortable platform is good for your eyes too, as you can maintain your eyes on a single visual field for longer periods, with less hassle.

Improved Blood Flow To Your Lower Limbs

Sitting in those regular chairs can be distressing in many ways, including cutting off blood supply to your lower legs. Using ergonomic chairs help combat this – they have soft cushions and well-engineered seats for comfort.

Furthermore, the heights of these chairs can be adjusted so that your feet can rest comfortably on the floor, reducing the pressure on the blood vessels supplying your legs. This has an added benefit of reducing the incidence of muscle cramping in the lower limbs that is caused by skeletal muscle hypoxia resulting from compromised oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Better Posture

Ergonomic chairs today are designed to guide your body into the assumption of more healthy sitting positions. In fact, some of these chairs automatically reorder your sitting posture, compelling you to mindfully learn and maintain how to seat correctly.

Adequate Hip Support

Traditional chairs are either too hard, too soft or just not in the right configuration for comfortable sitting. This places a lot of pressure on your hip joints, legs along with associated nerves and blood vessels. If you continue in those distorted positions, there won’t be much difference between standing and sitting, as both exert pressure on your hip joints or lead to formation of varicose veins. To solve these problems, ergonomic chairs are well-padded and have sufficiently deep seats designed to relieve these kinds of pressure.

More Comfort

There’s no debate about the ultimate goal of using an ergonomic chair. It’s, simply put, comfort. To help ensure this, cushions used for ergonomic chairs are made from materials such as natural fabric and polyeutherine. This design helps to reduce sweating, strain on different muscle groups and ultimately improve your level of comfort while working. This has multiple effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Likewise, the design of these chairs help maintain your joints in neutral positions, and that’s another way an ergonomic chair improves your posture. The sensation of comfort and coziness can have even more far reaching effects such as reduction of mental fatigue, improvement of alertness and overall elevated mood and performance.

So, What?

In conclusion, these chairs are cool, some of them are tech hubs in their own rights. With the countless benefits they offer, ergonomic chairs aren’t things you can just overlook, even if you’re in the ‘stand up’ task force. They could be the perfect addition to your workplace, establishing comfort for you, your employees and co-workers.