What are the Best Chinese Foods for Takeout?

chinese takeout

Ordering Chinese food for takeout or delivery has been an American tradition for decades. The practice became even more popular last year after the coronavirus pandemic caused restaurants across the country to close for indoor dining.

Now that most restaurants have returned to normal service, some people have decided to stick with getting their Chinese food fix by takeout or delivery. However, some meals are better suited to eat away from restaurants than others. Below are the best Chinese foods for takeout or delivery orders.

Couple’s Delight

Couples can enjoy a romantic evening at home with this popular dish made for two. Fuqi Feipian, the official name for Couple’s Delight in Sichuanese culture, consists of beef shank, tripe, and tendon along with an assortment of vegetables.

What makes this dish stand out besides its fun name is the red chili oil covering all the ingredients that spills over onto the plate. Flavors in each of the ingredients remains fresh for takeout or delivery.


Also known as pot stickers, dumplings are extremely popular in both China and the United States. Authentic Chinese restaurants serve three types of dumplings and name them according to how cooks prepare them.

The three main types of dumplings include boiled, steamed, and pan-fried. People just need to be aware that dumplings are usually a side item, snack, or breakfast food. They probably would not be filling enough for lunch or dinner.

As a staple of Chinese culture, dumplings come with special significance and tradition. It is common for three or more generations from the same family to get together regularly to prepare dumplings. Members of the oldest generation usually do most of the prep work but also instruct the younger generations to take their place someday.

Kung Pao Shrimp

Stir-frying is a popular Chinese cooking method that involves using a deep wok that allows chefs to heat meat and vegetables to extremely high temperatures. Many Americans have come to love this style of cooking, especially when ordering Kung Pao shrimp for takeout or delivery.

The shrimp meat remains warm and tender while the vegetables remain crunchy due to the high cooking temperature. People who order Kung Pao chicken for takeout or delivery appreciate this fact.

Peking Duck

Meals made from duck meat are much more popular in China than they are in the United States. For those willing to be a bit adventurous with their takeout or delivery, duck makes a great choice.

The meat is similar to chicken but more flavorful and tender. Peking duck goes through an especially long and precise cooking process to ensure diners are completely satisfied with their meal.

Sizzling Chicken Rice Soup

When the weather outside is chilly or people have a cold or the flu and cannot get out, ordering sizzling chicken rice soup from a Chinese restaurant can save the day. The Chinese version of this soup is just slightly hotter and spicier than the American version, but so much so that it would upset the stomach of a person who did not feel well.

Whether Americans order these dishes at a sit-down restaurant or choose to enjoy them at home, their popularity is not going away anytime soon.