How to Save Money on Essential School Tech Purchases

Back to school is always an exciting time for kids and parents alike, but it can also be a very expensive time with parents having to stock up on all the necessary supplies. If the cost of tech items has your head spinning and your wallet hurting, then these tips will prove very useful. Here’s a look at how you can save money on essential school tech purchases and not have to cut anything from the must-buy list.

Take Advantage of Online Promotions

While it’s true you can find sales in-store, it’s the online promotions that can save you the big bucks. There are often coupon/discount codes to apply, free shipping, online exclusive deals and limited-time sales. Shopping online for school laptops, in particular, saves you the hassle of dealing with the crowds and potentially low inventory in the store. You want to be sure you also choose sites that offer free shipping so that you don’t incur an added cost.

Refurbished Laptops Can Save You Money

Most people are quick to assume that buying a laptop device brand new is the best way to go, but many refurbished models still have warranties left on them and will work flawlessly. A refurbished model will offer a deep discount compared to the newest model. This is a great way to get a top-of-the-line laptop for a fraction of the price.

Look for Multifunctional Devices

Cutting down on the number of tech items you need to purchase is also a way to save money. This can be done by investing in multifunctional tech devices. A great example is an all-in-one printer. This device can make photocopies, print from your computer/desktop and even send faxes. If you were to buy each of those devices separately, you can bet it would cost a lot more.

Wait for the List from the Teacher

It’s very easy to get caught up in the back-to-school shopping rush and make all kinds of purchases. The problem with this approach is that you may end up purchasing tech items that aren’t even necessary. Instead, wait for school to start and for your child to get a list of supplies from their teacher. 

Use Last Year’s School Tech

If your child had any school tech devices from last year, do a once over and give them a try. If they still work fine, there is no reason to replace or upgrade them.

There’s No Need for Top of the Line

The final tip is to permit yourself to steer away from top-of-the-line tech devices. While they may be preferred and necessary for you and your tasks, there’s a good chance your school-aged child will be just fine with the more reasonable price of entry-level models.

All of these tips will help you to keep the back-to-school spending in check and prevent you from making unnecessary or impractical purchase decisions. Simply take inventory of what they have that still works, make a list of items needed, and stick to that list.