8 Things You to Know When Looking for a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Roads and driving conditions can be dangerous. If driving is part of your work, you’re vulnerable to automobile crashes and road accidents. If you don’t consider this risk, your firm may lose money.

Your company car is exposed to excessive traffic, insane drivers, bad weather, and poorly maintained roads. In our litigious culture and among uninsured drivers and a rise in vandalism, all increase expenses and dangers.

Due to these unavoidable conditions, you need comprehensive car insurance for business. Commercial vehicle insurance may assist those with one car or a fleet. Here are a few things first-time business vehicle insurance buyers should check for to secure proper coverage. First, let’s define commercial vehicle insurance. 

Commercial auto insurance? 

Commercial and personal auto insurance are identical. Commercial car insurance covers company cars, vehicles used for business, such as:

  • Work vans
  • Tractor-trailers 
  • Construction and forklifts 
  • Deliveries 
  • Utilities trucks 
  • Limousines 
  • Hired and non-owned car coverage 

Most employees drive for work. Business trips sometimes require a rental automobile. If you don’t buy hired-auto physical damage or non-owned auto liability, most business auto insurers will exclude coverage in these instances. Protection for this situation usually costs little. 

Request “Additional Insured” from your insurer. 

Businesses may have agreements requiring “extra insured.” If so, be sure that the carrier you choose can handle this need. 


Strongly Consider “Driver Other Car” Insurance 

If you operate a company car and don’t have auto insurance, “drive another car” insurance can help. It protects you and your spouse if you use another car. It excludes other automobiles a household member owns or may be borrowing. It’s similar to a personal auto policy.

Buy rental reimbursement 

Commercial auto insurance should cover rental cars. If you damage a corporate car in an accident, you will be glad you had it. It covers rental costs. 

Auto Accident Liability 

You need commercial auto insurance that covers accident damages. An example is covering legal fees if the injured motorist is sued.

Property and vehicle damage expenses 

A driver for your food business hits a sports car. A truck driver causes an accident. Your commercial auto insurance can cover sports car repairs. You’re also covered for the driver’s medical bills. 

Buy more comprehensive insurance 

Everybody wants affordable insurance prices. You won’t find more expensive insurance than policies with insufficient coverage if you’re sued. In our litigious environment, lawsuits may cost thousands of dollars. 

Liability insurance is important. Commercial vehicle insurance with larger limits may provide better protection. Consider it a safety umbrella. 

Commercial Car + BOP 

When you have business automobile coverage with the carrier that documents your BOP, you can get discounts. 


In order to give our clients in Lehi, Utah the most comprehensive protection possible, we at Berglund Insurance represent a carefully chosen collection of insurance companies. Our independent insurance agents will take the time to learn about your business’s specific requirements for commercial insurance and then develop products that meet those requirements.