Arrested Unjustly: How You Should Fight Your Criminal Charges

Getting arrested for a USA crime can be one of the most jarring experiences of your life.Unfortunately, there are a number of people that are arrested unjustly for a number of reasons. Fighting your criminal charges is always the answer as the judicial system doesn’t automatically give mercy if someone pleads guilty before any investigation. The truth is that it depends on the recommendation of the prosecutor as well as the judge on your case. Below are tips to help you fight your criminal charges and possibly get them dropped or get a plea deal. 

Use Your Right To Remain Silent 

If a police officer thinks that you have committed an arrestable offense then their hands are tied in terms of arresting you. The police have to answer to their chiefs if they let someone go on a felony drug possession charge. So many people think that they can talk their way out of an arrest when in actuality they are diggings themselves into a deeper hole. The tough aspect of this when you are unjustly arrested is that you have nothing to hide in the slightest. 

People are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence all of the time. The person could be tired which leads to bloodshot eyes which police believe is a telltale sign of intoxication. Stay calm and respectful while raising concerns. Do not give the police any information that could incriminate you even slightly as you are already fighting an uphill battle by being falsely accused/arrested. 

Get Experienced Legal Representation 

The fact that so many people talk to the police without requesting an attorney is unbelievable. You don’t need to do anything but request your attorney to end questioning no matter how intense it is. The police do not have to tell you the truth when interrogating you. They could say they have you on video committing a crime which can flip some guilty criminals. Your attorney will allow you to answer questions that help your case. Trial cases are a far different animal though as this can include direct examination by a legal professional that can overwhelming.

Be Careful With Social Media 

There are some cases with the unjust arrest of a person is so egregious that it goes viral. You don’t want to try to make your own case go viral as this could lead to harassment or a case where a judge could make an example of someone. Staying off of social media is very wise at this time as you don’t want to give the prosecutor any additional “evidence”.
An experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer will be able to help decipher the various documents that include statements and witness accounts. Your alibi is going to be your most important ally if you weren’t even at the scene of the crime. Your alibi should not be difficult to prove as people rarely leave their phones at home. Having someone confirm your alibi with a statement or proving you were at an establishment with video evidence will quickly lead to the charges being dropped.