5 Smart Devices That Can Transform Your Daily Routine

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen more advances in smart devices and technology than ever before. Smart gadgets solve many daily hindrances that we face, and this smart technology is only getting better and smarter. 

But with the influx of smart devices entering the marketplace, which ones are worth taking a look at? 

Here are a few consumer favorites.

Powermat Drill-Free Wireless Power Platform

It can be a huge hassle to drill through walls and other surfaces to install smart-home devices like security cameras. Powermat’s wireless power for IoT devices removes this frustration. 

Using low-frequency “Smartinductive” technology, the product delivers wireless power to devices through walls, glass and doors so there’s no need to drill holes to attach any wires. Plus, you can install the platform yourself — no need to bring in specialized contractors.

Segway Ninebot Smart Self-Scooter

If you’re not a fan of public transportation and need to get somewhere in a hurry, the smart scooter by Segway can be a practical transportation solution. This sturdy and powerful smart scooter can load a maximum of 220 pounds, and a single battery charge can run up to 13 miles. 

It also comes with a road adaptive design for smoother rides over bumpy pavement. A quick download of the scooter’s intelligent app can help you make speed adjustments, upgrade firmware, troubleshoot issues, and activate its anti-theft function. 

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Keyless Door Lock

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car, then this is the product for you. The keyless door entry system eliminates the need to dig for keys at the bottom of your handbag or retrieve them from a locked vehicle. The device replaces your current door lock with a keyless one that opens up after an access code is entered. It also offers a biometric opening option for added convenience, meaning that you can even use your fingerprint to access your home.

Caseta SmarT Lighting Control System

Who hasn’t jumped into bed only to realize that they left a light on in another room? The convenience offered by this lighting system can save you time and money on light bills, especially if you have a home with several rooms. Caseta’s smart lighting system allows you to dim or power any light in your home using a remote or smartphone. The switches can be installed in a matter of minutes and are easy to use.

Vivint Video Doorbell

Gone are the days of having to stare through a peephole or side glass to see who’s on your front porch. By installing the video doorbell to the exterior of your front door, you’ll be able to see who’s there as soon as they arrive. A quick tap on your smartphone can connect you to the app’s video mode in a matter of seconds. The company also offers 24/7 monitoring and support.

Smart devices simply are the future. There are now customizable and DIY-friendly solutions that can help you automate several aspects of your life. Why not take advantage?