Six of the Top Business Smartphones Available Today

Whether you are looking to purchase a smartphone for your personal use or you are searching for a device to make business transactions easier, there are several factors that you should consider. These include features, pricing, and availability. Here are three of the top business smartphones currently available.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Designed to meet the demands of business, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is packed with features for productivity on the go, one of the best Android smartphones. The new flagship phone has a pro-grade camera, a smart battery, and defence grade security. It also offers advanced connectivity with 5G and Samsung Knox security.

The S20 Ultra has a powerful processor and a 512GB storage option. It also has a 6.9-inch Quad HD+ HDR10+ certified Infinity-O display. It also has an ultra-wide 12MP camera, a 48MP telephoto camera, and a 108-megapixel wide-angle camera.

The S20 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery that can last more than 24 hours of use in 4G mode. The S20 Ultra also comes with a Dual SIM feature. The digital eSIM and physical nano-SIM provide dual SIM functionality. In addition, it has an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Google Pixel 5

Featuring an OLED panel and a 90Hz refresh rate, the Google Pixel 5 isn’t the most powerful smartphone around, but it does deliver an impressive visual experience. Its screen is large enough to display full HD resolution, and its display features a wide color gamut, which should give you good quality results in most lighting conditions.

The Google Pixel 5 is also water resistant, with an IP68 rating. This means it’s resistant to dust and liquids, and is a good choice for business users who travel.

The Pixel 5 also has an Adaptive Battery system, which intelligently regulates power draw. This helps improve battery life and performance.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Those who are looking for a bigger screen, more battery life, and advanced camera features will be pleased with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But there are a few niggles to watch out for.

Apple’s A14 Bionic chip is the fastest in a smartphone, and it powers impressive computational photography features. The chip also powers the all-new Apple ProRAW, a feature that lets photographers edit raw elements of photos.

The f/1.6 aperture on the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera is the fastest in the smartphone world, and it improves low-light performance by 27 percent. The iPhone 12 Pro’s Night Mode combines shorter and longer frames to achieve a smoother exposure.

Blackberry Bold 9700

Those who are looking for a BlackBerry Bold 9700 for business will be pleased with the updated design of the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It has a streamlined, less bulky body and features a slimmer keyboard. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 for business also includes a number of features that make it a great choice for companies with BlackBerry servers.

The Blackberry Bold 9700 for business is one of the most polished business phones on the market. It features a sleek design, a fast processor, and an easy-to-use keyboard. It also includes great messaging capabilities and a suite of games. It can be integrated with company systems and supports a variety of professional formats.

HTC Droid Incredible

Compared to the iPhone 3GS, the HTC Droid Incredible is a sleek smartphone with lots of power. It’s also an Android 2.1 device that runs the latest version of HTC’s Sense UI. And it’s the first of the company’s new generation of phones to hit the U.S. This model is offered by Verizon, which means it runs the company’s network.

In addition to the aforementioned Sense UI, the Incredible boasts a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a dual LED flash, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also has 8GB of internal storage, and a MicroSD card slot that can handle up to 32GB of memory.

Windows Phone

Compared to the other major mobile operating systems, Windows Phone has always been a strong contender. Even the most rudimentary of features in Windows Phone are still useful and a lot of them are free with the purchase of the device.

One of the best features of Windows Phone was the way it handled notifications. It used a live tile system that animated information in real time. It was also good at multitasking. Unlike Android, which can only handle a single app at a time, it could handle several apps at once. It even had an instant hotspot feature, which allowed users to turn their devices into a WiFi hotspot.