4 Tips for Picking Up a Side Hustle

4 Tips for Picking Up a Side Hustle

More and more people are learning the value of having multiple income streams and side hustles. If you create a new income stream, you can choose to use that income to save, or to put towards a new project such as buying a home, or paying for your next holiday. Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to come up with a side hustle that affords you extra income. If you’re interested in creating a side hustle, but not sure where to start or what you can do, keep reading to learn more.

1. Consider Becoming an SEO Expert
For the online world, Search Engine Optimisation is king. If you can make traffic, you can make money. Whether you want to have your own blog and profit directly from traffic, or you want to make money helping others get traffic to their business, SEO is a big industry. If you’re new to SEO, but would like to use it to build a career for yourself, I suggest having a look around Youtube. There are so many great resources on SEO on Youtube for free, that can be a great way to get started. Once you’ve learned to give the best link building service, you can start charging to help others on websites like Upwork or Fiverr.com. 
2. Start a Blog
Having a blog can be a really fun hobby and many people are surprised to learn how profitable it can really be. There are so many ways to make money from blogging – you can do affiliate marketing which is essentially reselling products and getting a commission. You can do sponsored content where a company will sponsor you to mention their product on your blog. You can make money from Adsense or Mediavine advertising. You can go on to sell your own courses or products directly on your blogs, even digital products. The sky’s the limit with your blog, but the first step is getting started. You can really blog about anything, from travel, to Omniview Tech reviews.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant
If someone told me that they needed to make new money this week, as soon as possible, I’d suggest looking into becoming a virtual assistant. As long as you’re confident with a computer, it’s very easy to find virtual assistant work. There’s so much out there – from data entry, translation, right through to more complicated tasks like helping manage companies and even personal assistance based work such as calendar management and travel planning.

4. Airbnb Rentals
Airbnb rentals can be a great way to make extra money. You don’t need a lot to get started – if you have a spare room in your home you can consider using that space as an Airbnb rental. I have a friend who began renting out a spare room in their home and used that money to save and invest in a rental property which they now rent out completely to Airbnb guests, making a considerable side income each month. Check out these great value 3 ply wood mats.

Finding a side hustle that you enjoy and that can bring a little extra income to your life can be a great way to improve your and your family’s future. Hopefully these tips help you get started with a new side hustle.