What To Do If You Can’t Work

What To Do If You Can’t Work

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you can’t sustain an everyday job, you’re not without options.  Providing for your life and possibly a family can feel like a heavy burden, and the burden is more weighty when you literally can’t work.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to change the flow of your situation. Take a few moments to read through some helpful tips on what to do if you can’t work, and start working towards the bright side of your story today.

Insurance is an ideal solution

Ideally, if your ability to work has been cut off due to an injury of some type, you have a long-term disability insurance plan in place.  Carrying disability insurance is a great way to prepare yourself for such a time as this.

You never know what tomorrow will bring, especially if you work in a dangerous workplace.  Invest in the stability of your future, and look into what long-term disability insurance can do to change your situation.

Apply for government assistance

There are government programs in place for a reason, and they are there to help.  If you have been injured or you’re facing a debilitating mental challenge, you should file for disability payments.

The sooner the better when it comes to filing for disability, as it can take several years to finally get approved.  The disability payments only come after you have been denied at least once and provided a wealth of paperwork and information.

Get creative with your hustle

You don’t have to work a traditional 9 to 5 job to get your bills paid.  There are a plethora of ways to make money in a capitalistic society.  Get creative, and find a way you can make a living doing something you excel at and enjoy.

For instance, crafting hemp jewelry can bring in some money.  Mowing lawns for people can generate income, and you get to choose when you do the work.  You could offer relationship advice to people for a small fee. Whatever it is that you can do, capitalize on it.

Take part in research studies

If you have a mental illness that is keeping you from working, there’s likely a study going on nearby. Entering into a mental illness study can be quite lucrative in a variety of ways.

Sometimes you’ll get quality mental health care for free. Sometimes studies will actually pay you.  Either way, you will benefit.  It’s worth a look at least.

Get the help you need

Regardless of your disability challenge, you deserve support in your situation.  However, it doesn’t typically just fall into your lap.  You have to make moves to reach out and grab the help you need.