The Top 7 File Replication Software Trusted by Top Firms

When it comes to big business, a couple of hours of lost time can have an immense financial impact. As such, fine tuning productivity and employee access to necessary data is key to success. 

File replication is one way of doing so, as it entails copying and syncing data between operating systems and geographic sites. In essence, there is an original or primary source file which is then copied or updated to whichever other server requires access to it – this applies to one or many files.

As an alternative to some of the big names in File Replication, such as Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, and Google PubSub, EnduraData has proven itself as a worthy competitor. Its reliability and security is reinforced by the fact that it has been deployed by the United States Social Security Administration (SSA). 

EnduraData is also used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) to replicate and move data between numerous operating systems such as Linux and Windows. 

The Benefits of File Replication

Studies suggest that some of the key benefits of file replication include reliability, availability, fault tolerance, load balancing, and performance. 

Should one server become unresponsive or unavailable, it’s possible to simply move on to another one so there is no lost time. Replicated files are always available to all those who need it, even if the original data store is not accessible, and should one server fail, the data is still available from other replicas. As such, a problem may be isolated rather than resulting in an entire system failure which inhibits work. 

File replication not only serves better load balancing, but increases productivity and performance and data can be shared easily and on a large scale to all those who need to access it – no matter their geographical location. 

Our Top 7:


EnduraData is the file sync and replication software solution of choice for both big businesses and the government. EnduraData allows businesses and governments to sync, replicate, protect, share, move and migrate data between systems and geographical locations. 

EnduraData can be configured to replicate data from one to one location, one to many or many to one locations. It can also be configured to create elaborate cascading configurations.

EnduraData EDpCloud works with Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, AIX, OpenBSD, and other UNIX operating systems. 


Attunity, recently acquired by Qlik, is a file replication software which can be replicated across the most well-known platforms including AWS, Kafka, SQL, and others. In order to ensure that sensitive data remains private, even if the rest of the file should be replicated, Attunity File Replication (formerly repliweb and now Qlik File Replication) allows for encryption of specific sections whilst the rest of the log remains evident. 


Zerto virtual replication has proven a reliable software to use and has also built in integration tasks for replicating from MySQL database to PostgreSQL, MySQL to Apache Kafka, and MySQL to Apache Hadoop. 

Zerto has a “do it all” approach, and a focus on disaster recovery (DR), where different solutions are required to fulfill your disaster recovery needs. Instead, everything you need is built into a wizard and includes reverse replication, recovery to any point in time and in large volumes, full remote recovery, migration to a remote data center, and detailed reports on system-wide activities.  

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is a scalable serverless data streaming service and can do both file replication and migration. You’re also able to stream data in real-time so there’s no unnecessary, and even costly, waiting period. Furthermore, data is replicated across three Amazon availability zones so there’s high availability of data. 

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is popular due to its availability (it allows for integration with numerous other programs), its simplified scaling, and the fact that data is protected from server failure as data is spread across multiple servers. 

Apache Kafka can be scaled without much downtime which is especially useful to big businesses for whom every second truly counts. Furthermore, brokers are utilized to replicate files so it has a fault-tolerant system. 


Veeam aims to give customers the best recovery time objective, and also makes Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaas) easy with reliable partners. Their new Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature makes immediate data recoveries easier than ever, and forms part of their 4-in-1 solution alongside backup, replication, and Storage Snapshots. However, government and government contractors may be concerned about the presence of a large number of Veeam’s developers in Russia.

Azure Netapp

Through cross-region file replication, Azure NetApp offers an extra layer of security to your valuable data. Data is highly available, but without a significant increase in security risks. Your data is protected, and encrypted where you see fit with the newly added Encrypted SMB connections to the Domain Controller. 

Final Take

File replication has become an integral part of any company – especially one with remote or hybrid work environments. Any top firm which wants to stay there recognizes the importance of this, and acts accordingly. 

As A. El Haddi, CTO and founder of EnduraData, says, “the world has changed. We have all had to face that in many different ways. Even though file replication has been an important and useful tool to companies for years, it has never been as essential as it is now.”
If you want to ensure that your business can keep running no matter what, get your free trial of EnduraData replication software.