Adulthood: Steps To Becoming a More Responsible Adult


Many people believe that once you turn 18, you become an adult. In America, when you turn 18, you have to register for the military draft if you are male. Other people believe that you truly become an adult when you are 21, as this is when most age restrictions end, such as the US restriction on consuming alcohol.

However, age really is just a number. In some cases, a 26-year-old is no more of an adult than a 16-year-old is. Adulthood is about being responsible and mature.

If you are wanting to become a more responsible adult, here are some easy steps you can take to become more mature.

Journey to adulthood

Adulthood comes with many perks- you can drive, you can drink, and you have the freedom to do anything you want. However, adulthood also comes with a lot of responsibilities that you need to prepare yourself for. Here are some examples of some adulthood responsibilities that you need to make sure you can manage:

  • Paying taxes– As Benjamin Franklin said: ‘there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes.’ As you start working and earning, you will have to start paying taxes. Although these are a pain, you can get into serious trouble if you don’t pay them.
  • Managing your own finances: if you really want to be a responsible adult, you need to make sure that you are financially independent, and are not relying on your parents or loans to survive.
  • You have enough political knowledge to vote: voting is one of the fundamental rights we have as American citizens- so make sure you use it! With the presidential elections coming up, make sure you are well-versed in each candidate’s policies and ensure that you are making an informed decision when you vote.
  • Taking care of your own health: as you become an adult, it becomes your responsibility to look after your own physical and mental health. This means you will have to pay for your own health insurance, schedule your own doctor’s appointments. If you are thinking about having children, you need to make sure that their health is also your priority.

How to Become More Responsible

If some of the responsibilities of adulting are stressing you out, try not to worry. Here are some easy ways you can start taking more responsibility as an adult:

Pay off your debts: one of the most responsible things you can do is to sort out your own finances. You should start by trying to pay off any student loans you may have, as these can build up a lot over time. If you have any other debts or loans that need paying, you should aim to pay them off as soon as you can. This does not include mortgages.

Make sure you are saving regularly: another incredibly important part of adulthood is ensuring you have enough money to cover your essential needs. Therefore, you should make sure that you are saving money every month. This way you can make sure that if you are ever faced with an unexpected financial expense, you won’t have to worry about where you are getting the money from.

Start paying your own bills: if you are still relying on your parents’ bank account, now is the time to stop. Part of adulthood is being able to be financially stable, and that means that you need to be paying for your own food/utility bills. If you are worried about the cost, check out comparison websites that will help you pick the right electric suppliers and can help you save money on your bills.


Being an adult doesn’t come with age. It comes with maturity. If you are looking to gain control over your own life and become more responsible, these tips should be the first step on the ladder to adulthood.