The Importance of Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

When looking for a new home, many of us contact a local real estate agent and ask them to help find a suitable property. If something looks good, we speak to the agent about it and get them to arrange a viewing. While touring the property, you know the place isn’t for you and the picture listed online looks nothing like the real thing. This is why a good real estate agent is vitally important.

Finding the Right Person

As mentioned, a first-class real estate agent is critical when looking for a home. If you are having no success finding one in your local community, don’t waste time going from one office to another. There are plenty of useful online websites like that help compare agents in the area. This system is convenient, quick, and simple. You can compare agents side by side and choose one that suits your needs.

Here are some things to look for when choosing an agent.

Problem Solver

The agent you choose should be innovative, finding solutions to problems when they present themselves. They must be able to understand your needs and find you a home that is perfect for you. They must be able to come up with creative ideas as in the industry, one size never fits all.


Your real estate agent shouldn’t be lazy, they must be self-motivated and willing to put in work once you use their agency. All of the top estate agents have a desire to service their customers in the best way possible, if they don’t go above and beyond to get you what you want, it is time to use another agent. A professional will be self-driven with a desire to meet your expectations.

Engaging Personality

Once you’ve done your checks and you believe you’ve found the right agent on paper, you can then arrange a meeting to discuss your needs as a buyer. During this meeting, you should assess the agents personality. Are they engaging? Can they quickly build a rapport? If they cannot do this and you struggle to make a meaningful conversation, you may want to find another. You’re looking for someone who is honest and confident in their abilities.


When looking for property in the local market, you’ll need an agent who knows the community and can show you some great offers. They should stay up to date with all the latest property topics to ensure they serve their clients more effectively. A skilled real estate agent will have a vast network of contacts that work within the industry. They’ll know all the players in the game, having a list of connections which includes buyers, sellers and more.

The real estate industry has many different players, so you need an individual who has connections to everyone in the market. A good real estate agent is similar to a conductor, they bring everything together to ensure their clients get what they need. They’re honest and hardworking with a good knowledge of the local market.