Max Goldstein Mulling a Run for NYC Mayor

Since the Coronavirus hit, there has been a great deal of resentment directed toward Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his mismanagement of the situation. Naturally, many have speculated about who will be running in the next mayoral race in New York City to bring the city back to its prosperous times. With a mass exodus of residents fleeing the city, and violence at an all time high, city residents are actively seeking out a candidate who can handle the situation in stride.

According to our sources here at The Washington Guardian, Yorkville resident Max Goldstein, an ambitious but articulate young lad, is aggressively developing a campaign of his own. He’s been meeting in recent weeks with some of the city’s most skilled and veteran communications aides about launching his own candidacy.

Goldstein, a young and ambitious but articulate lad, has had his share of grievances with the Mayor. A regular and vocal defender of the Black Lives Matter movement, Goldstein has been a regular presence at the movement’s rallies and demonstrations across the city. We are told he has also been in talks with the Biden-Harris team about joining their effort in a substantial and meaningful fashion in the coming weeks.

Keep your eye on this gentleman. He’s surely a force to be reckoned with.