5 Documents to Check Before Hiring a Locksmith Professional

Locksmiths are an integral part of our lives one time or another because of the services they offer. Some of these services include installation of security cameras, repairing and installing locks and keys in our homes and offices, and much more. Such situations can often leave people vulnerable where their security is concerned. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable locksmith professionals who can handle such matters. 

An unreliable locksmith is a threat that can leave you an open target for burglary, invasion of privacy, and more serious crimes. That is why it is extremely important to do a thorough background check of the stranger coming to your homes or offices. If you plan to get in touch with a company to hire a locksmith in Rochester NY, then you need to ensure that the company runs a background check on all their employees. 

No matter whom you are hiring and even if the company is a trusted one, here are 5 documents to check before hiring a locksmith professional.

  1. Verification Certificates

The first essential document that you should ask for is proof of the verification of the locksmith visiting you. Before you go ahead and ask them to work on anything, you must ask for verified identification and certificates. If you feel even slightly doubtful, you should call the company at once and verify their documents and ids. There have been too many reported cases where the burglars or other dangerous criminals enter your homes or offices with false identification and papers, posing as a locksmith. 

  1. Insurance and Bond Documents

No matter how experienced or reliable a locksmith is, like everyone else, he can also make mistakes which can result in damages to your property and possessions. Someone has to take the responsibility of bearing the costs for repairs. Check if the company you have hired is properly bonded and secured before you go ahead with anything else. If they are unable to provide proper answers, then it is best to go to one that has all the updated documentation. 

  1. Demand Original Copies 

When hiring locksmiths, various kinds of risks always exist. These are unavoidable. Therefore, you have the right to ask for original copies of documentation from the locksmiths. You may also ask for them for maintaining your records. Usually, the highly trained and professional locksmiths would provide you with original copies themselves as they know you are entitled to have those. However, in case this doesn’t happen, then request them to do so.  On your end, verify the origin of stamps and the company’s logo on each document so that you are not fooled with fake or incomplete documents. Fake documents will be of no use when you have to make a claim or follow-up on any other matter. 

  1. Billing Details 

The billing process should be documented very carefully whether you are paying in cash or via cards. This is one of the most important factors that you should be extra vigilant about. When paying in cash, ask for a detailed list of how the expenses have been settled. Check and cross-check everything. When you are paying via credit or debit cards, never disclose your PINs. Keep this crucial information to yourself. It is also important and highly recommended to confirm the prices of the services that you have chosen to avoid any uncertainty when it is the time for billing procedures. 

  1. Experience Certificates & Documentation

Before you engage a locksmith for all the sensitive work at your home or office, it is essential to do a background check on your own too. Find out for how long the particular locksmith has been in the industry and for how long he has been with the company that you have chosen. Check out the certificates and other documentation that expresses how long he has been in the industry. The longer he has been in this field, the more trustworthy and experienced he is. You can also take a look at the work he has done in the past.  

The precautionary steps discussed above must be deliberated upon before you hire a locksmith to prevent any mishaps.