How To Improve Your Score in Board Exams?

Board exams are the first stage to start your journey of achieving your set goals. Unlike school exams, board exams are a bit different. Here, the teacher will be unknown who will check your answers. The checking system is different, and the marking scheme is different. You are completely unaware of where and when your answers are getting checked. 

In such conditions, you need to write your responses up to the mark. You should format your answers so that the teachers who will be checking your answer sheets could not deduct marks from any of your responses. To improve your scores in board exams, you need to keep a few things in mind. These key points can help you to get a good percentile in board exams of all subjects.

Class 10th and 12th are said to be the most essential class in every student’s educational life. The marks you obtain in these classes go with you in your future as well. Class 10 boards help you to choose the stream of your preference. The subject of your choice can help you to create your future according to you. Once you come to class 12, board exams again play a very vital role in getting admission to your preferred colleges. Choosing a college of your preference and landing up in a college without any choice left are completely two different things. 

Class 12 board exams help you to choose the course you wish to learn from the start. It helps you to be a part of the career based on your dream. With so much importance on board exams, you must score high grades in it to set a good percentile in your mark sheets. If you are looking for some vital tips to score good marks in your class 10 and 12 boards, this is the right place to get it. Here we have added some of the very crucial points to improve your scoreboard in board exams. 

  • Always go through the marking scheme for each subject. Marking schemes play a very important role in building up your preparation schedule. Check for the chapters that have high weightage, and also the type of questions from each chapter. Long answer-type questions can help your scores to grace up quickly. 
  • Make sure you understand the subject very carefully. Learning and understanding each chapter from your course curriculum is very much important. It helps you to have an in-depth knowledge of each line and term from every chapter. You never know from where the question will come in your exam. In such a case, you must be familiar with every line of all the chapters.
  • Divide the whole syllabus into parts for better understanding. Dividing chapters from each subject is very important. These groups will help you to focus on each chapter in detail. You can divide the chapters according to the marking scheme or weightage they hold in the exam. You can put one long chapter with two short ones. In this way, the focus on all the chapters in each group will be equal and complete. 
  • Try to make a schedule for yourself. Studying and preparing for your board exams in a scheduled manner is very important for scoring good marks. You must prepare a timetable for yourself and stick to that. You do not end up in chaotic situations. Most students do not schedule their time accordingly and in the last few days, they get confused about how and where to start their preparations from. Managing your time is very much important to grow while understanding. 
  • Learn to create formatted revision notes. Revision notes are said to be the master of any other study material. Well-formed revision notes can do wonders at the last minute. A few minutes before entering the examination hall, you cannot go through the whole syllabus. It is practically impossible. This is where revision notes come to use. If you prepare notes for topics mentioned in your syllabus, it will give you the benefit of recalling and remembering vital information. Maybe you get the same question in your exam that you have just read a few minutes ago.
  • Take help of free NCERT solutions for checking the answers. It is the best way to improve your board exam scores. NCERT solutions are prepared in a simpler language so you can understand each question and its response very well. By taking the help of these NCERT solutions that are available online, you can understand how to present your answer attractively. Teachers like to check the answer sheets with well-formed answers for each question. 
  • Try to solve as many questions as you can from each chapter. Allow yourself to add as many questions as you can in your preparation. When you practice different types of questions, you get familiar with all the questions that can be formed from each topic. Divide and manage your time so you can solve questions from each topic properly. Do not focus only on a few topics when it comes to practice questions. Go for each topic and keep a target of answering the number of questions for each of them.
  • Keep a habit of writing your responses by setting time. Good handwriting plays a very crucial role in board exams. Although good writing will not give you extra marks, when teachers can read what you have written, they check for your answer sheets with a good image. Keep writing and solving questions. It will help you to keep all your answers in a proper format. 

No doubt board exams are the most important exams you will come across during your school time. It takes your efforts and dedication to be put in the right direction to score good marks in them. You must prepare yourself well enough to configure any type of question during your examination. Try to add each topic in your preparation. Solve questions with given hints and observe your ongoing preparation. When the efforts are put in properly, it can help you to improve your scores to the next level.