6 Benefits for Using In-Home Treatment Services to Help a Child

Now more than ever, parents are turning to in-home treatment services to help them care for their children with mental or behavioral health needs.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), over one million families are devoted to assisting a child with mental illness. This is four times greater than the number of families in 2015. This shows that there is a clear need for in-home treatment services, and many families are utilizing these services to help their children succeed. Here are six benefits of using in-home treatment services to help your children with mental illness:

1) It reduces stress on the family.

When children are suffering from mental illnesses, it naturally places stress on the family unit. The home can become strained, and this is even more evident if your child is struggling with a behavior disorder. Parents may find themselves skipping out on social engagements or losing sleep as they worry about their child’s wellness. When you enlist in-home treatment services, you will no longer have to carry this weight on your shoulders alone. Instead, a professional team of caregivers will come to your home and work for as long as you need them. This can reduce much tension from the family unit and allow parents to focus more on enjoying time with their children.

2) The child feels more comfortable at home.

For a variety of reasons, children with mental illness may struggle to remain at school during the day or stay connected to a group of friends. If your child is struggling with peer relationships and receiving treatment from professionals outside of the home, this can be discouraging for them. In-home treatment services will allow your child to feel more comfortable in their home, reconnecting with friends who come to visit and revisit their favorite parts of the house. For children struggling socially, this may be essential for improving your child’s mental wellness.

3) It improves relationships between family members.

When you enlist in-home treatment services for your child, it creates more time for other relationships to connect. Since your child’s caregiver will come to the home, you are afforded more time with friends, family members, and other parents. This can help you feel more supported by those around you, allowing for a stronger bond between family members.

4) You don’t have to worry about transportation.

A huge part of mental wellness is taking physical steps to feel better. This can include going to the gym, seeing a therapist, or doing yoga, among other activities. However, transportation can be a huge obstacle for those who rely on outside treatment services. For many parents, finding time to shuttle their children to and from appointments is difficult as it is. In-home treatment services will eliminate the need for this, saving you valuable time and ensuring your child receives the best in-home mental health treatment.

5) The family unit can set goals together.

A theme with in-home treatment services is that they are available when wanted. If your child’s behavioral health needs are severe, this gives you more control over what happens in the home. You can discuss what goals you would like to see your child reach with their caregiver so that everyone is on the same page. This will help limit conflict within the household and ensure that everyone feels heard before taking action.

6) It lowers stress for children.

By reducing any signs of tension in the home, in-home treatment services can also help lower stress levels for your child. They will no longer have to worry about the family unit falling apart due to their behavior, and this can go a long way towards improving their mental wellness.