The Entrepreneur’s Guide to E-Commerce

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There are many digital entrepreneurs around the world that make a very good living from an e-commerce website and if you would like to join them, this article is full of very useful information to help you with every stage of the project from choosing products to final delivery and everything in between.

Selecting Suitable Products

This is the very core of your business and many entrepreneurs choose a product that they are very familiar with, or may even have a passion for, which does help. Either way, the products should be in high demand and of the best quality, as selling cheap, inferior products is the quickest way to failure, and if you have done your market research, you should make the right choices regarding products to sell online.

Web Design & Hosting

If you are based in the United Kingdom, look no further than, who can offer you web building & hosting services, and when you decide on a domain name, they can carry out the registration on your behalf, then you can talk about the design of your e-commerce platform. You will have to create numerous payment gateways such as credit cards, PayPal and direct bank transfer, which gives customers payment options, and once a web design is agreed upon, the webmaster can begin to build the platform, using your product images and descriptions. Here is a great article for those who would like to boost their brand image, which offers effective strategies that produce results.

Digital Marketing

There’s no getting around the fact that SEO services are an essential aspect of selling products online, and if you use the same company that created and maintain your website, this makes things a lot easier. Some of the strategies used to promote shopping cart websites include:

  • Search engine optimisation – This will put your site in a prominent position when potential buyers search with Google, and SEO services take a little time to produce results, as the SEO experts fully understand how Google utilises algorithms and can therefore boost their client’s rankings with key word searches.
  • Social Media – You should fully exploit the many connections you can make with social media marketing, and the best way to do that is enlist the help of a digital marketing agency. They would handle your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, making sure to post high-quality content on all aspects of your industry, which will eventually lead to a healthy following. Of course, with financial transactions taking place, you will need cyber-security in place, an essential step to take.


Once you have an order, this needs to be picked, packed and shipped to the customer, and while you could do this at the very outset, if you started to get many orders, you can easily outsource picking, packing & delivery to a third-party logistics company, known as 3PL in the industry. You simply send them all your products and packaging and email the orders for immediate processing, and the 3PL company would be able to deliver worldwide.

As you can see, outsourcing is the key to a successful e-commerce business and if you are prepared to invest in SEO services, there’s no reason why you won’t taste success.