AMBCrypto shapes its own narrative with a gender-neutral workforce 

The crypto ecosystem is expected to have a whopping 1 billion users by the end of 2022, and although this startling figure signals that widespread adoption is underway, the reality on the backend is quite different. The FinTech industry has long been known for its gender disparity in the workplace, and the crypto industry is no exception.

The crypto sector is facing a crisis of gender disparity. In fact, the FBG’s research suggests that despite the increase in crypto hiring and the overall number of female entrepreneurs, the proportion of women has decreased by 5% between 2018-2021.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that net crypto hiring increased by 73% last year compared to the previous two years, the gender disparity in the business has become more profound. According to a LinkedIn Economic Graph, the proportion of female crypto hiring has decreased by 5% between 2018 and 2021.

Part of this stark discrepancy is the novelty and ostensibly fast-paced setting, which can be fraught with impostor syndrome. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge or a probability of success, as well as a lack of mentors, all contribute to tilting the scale.

Discrimination violation is a serious issue and is still prevalent in the world today. Discrimination on gender basis is one of the most common, and with the increasing number of women in all fields of employment, it becomes imperative to understand why this happens and eliminate all instances of discrimination at workplace.

A lot of research has been done over the years to understand how deeply-rooted gender discrimination is in economies and financial institutions. Despite the progress made in recent years towards ending discrimination, women are still woefully underrepresented in tech, especially when it comes to coding and programming.

Looking at the brighter side 

On the plus side, the crypto space continues to be one of the most inclusive and varied workplaces for people from all over the world, and new firms in the ecosystem are aiming to close the gender gap and put more women in positions of power.

Even as the crypto space is one of the most inclusive and diverse work environments for people from all over the world (especially for women), companies in the ecosystem are working towards closing this gender gap by hiring more women and putting more women in significant decision-making roles.

One such firm is AMBCrypto, a pioneer in the crypto news and information field. The platform is committed to developing a gender-inclusive workforce; in fact, women make up more than 40% of its personnel.

Architha J.B, COO of the platform described her experience leading the team, “We have a balanced team of journalists. We are still in the early years of crypto and blockchain technology and this gives us all the more reason to shape our own narrative of how we shape this ecosystem in the future.”

While AMBCrypto has simply offered equal opportunity to everyone, the platform also takes an objective approach to its goals as a company, and they think that having women in its core team making those key choices has played a significant role in this.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of positive movement towards closing the gender gap in cryptocurrency. For example, many new companies are working towards closing this gap and putting more women in significant decision-making roles. Furthermore, the crypto space still provides one of the most inclusive and diverse work environments for people from all over the world.

The world is slowly recovering from the pandemic’s aftereffects, and in order to recoup momentum toward equitable representation in the business sector, methods that enable a gender-inclusive and empowered workforce are required. AMBCrypto’s diversified and talent-neutral narrative makes this feasible.