4 Ways to Protect Your Home Against a Squirrel Invasion

4 Ways to Protect Your Home Against a Squirrel Invasion

Squirrels are a cute animal to watch while visiting the park, but in your home these pests can cause significant damage to attics, wiring and walls. If you have squirrels in your neighborhood, there are a few things that you can do to keep them away from your property and out of your attic. These tips can help you squirrel-proof your home.

1- Remove Food Sources

Like other animals, squirrels are attracted to areas where food and water is plentiful. To help prevent these rodents from invading, install squirrel-resistant bird feeders or use squirrel repellent that is designed for use on birdseed. Capsaisin is a bird-safe option that you can add to birdseed to prevent squirrels from eating the food. If you have fruit or nut trees on your property, remove fallen fruits and nuts frequently to prevent the pests from invading your property.

2- Regular Tree and Lawn Maintenance

After clearing your property of food and water sources, check around the exterior of your home for branches that reach toward the roof. Squirrels can use these branches to reach the attic. Remove branches that are within a few feet of the roof to keep squirrels and other pests from using the tree to enter your home. Typically, branches must be at least 6 feet away from the roof to keep squirrels away from your home. Sealing your home is also an important way to prevent all types pests.

3- Seal Your Home

The attic is the most common place to find squirrels inside the home. To prevent these pests from accessing your attic, inspect your roof for any potential entrance points. For example, uncovered vents allow pests to easily enter your home. Seal any holes that you find and check the roof for signs of damage.

Repair any areas that are damaged, and continue checking the roof for signs of damage as part of your annual home maintenance schedule. You can also contact a pest professional like magnoliawildlifesolutions.com to assist you in finding and properly sealing any entrances into your attic. Finding and sealing these openings is one of the simplest ways to prevent an invasion.

4- Use Deterrents

Squirrel deterrents are an option if you have already noticed squirrels on your roof. To keep these furry pests out of your home, try using a commercial rodent deterrent in your attic. You can also consider using DIY deterrents. Some common deterrents include leaving vinegar-soaked cloths or allowing a radio to play in the attic. Squirrels avoid both strong scents and loud sounds.

To ensure your deterrents are effective, use them in combination with other infestation prevention methods, such as sealing your attic. If you notice signs of an invasion, you may need to consider using a professional service to remove the wildlife. Some signs of an invasion include scratching sounds in the attic or walls, unpleasant odors in the home or attic and visible damage to the home. With prompt attention, you can get eliminate the pests and keep them out of your home permanently.