SR Holdings Retains The Services of Darien Dash’s The Movement Management Advisors

The Movement Management Advisors – a strategic advisory firm led by Darien Dash – announced recently that the company had been retained by SR Holdings Company to provide strategic and business development services. The Movement Management Advisors will continue to provide SR Holdings Company strategic support to develop a long-term business strategy and secure strategic partnerships to build a lasting presence in the Colorado cannabis market. 

Led by Sherard Rogers, SR Holdings Company is a Black-owned cannabis holding company that is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the leading companies in the Colorado cannabis market, with assets in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and the Denver markets. Currently, SR Holdings is one of only five Black-owned cannabis companies in the state. Through the continued success of SR Holdings, Sherard Rogers is hoping not only to provide high-quality cannabis products to both medicinal and recreational users in Colorado but also to help pave the way for future Black entrepreneurs in the cannabis sphere. 

Speaking on his partnership with Sherard Rogers and SR Holdings, Darien Dash highlighted his excitement about the opportunity to provide the company with strategic guidance, saying, “As one of less than a statewide total of five African American red badge owners Sherard Rogers has been breaking through the invisible glass ceiling in the cannabis industry.”

Darien Dash went on to say, “Sherard is a shining light for the rest of the Cannabis industry to focus on. He has positioned himself as a unique alternative for both consumers and the next generation of Minority entrepreneurs to focus on. Developing his long-term strategic plan and building world-class partnerships for his portfolio of assets is going to be a fun and challenging adventure for our entire firm!”

Sherard Rogers, meanwhile, seemed equally excited about the opportunity to work with Dash, saying, “Dash is among the best known, widely connected, and most trusted advisors and deal makers in the sports, entertainment and cannabis industries today due to his unparalleled reputation for spotting opportunities, swift resolutions and getting things done.”

He went on to add that, “Dash has significant experience dealing with the opportunities and challenges that arise in the lives of highly successful people. His vast experience is only one of the many things he brings to the table as one of the nation’s most highly sought-after strategic advisors.”

Darien Dash is credited with being one of the first people to recognize and act upon the commercial potential of legal cannabis. Today, his strategic advisory firm The Movement Management Advisors has risen to become one of the most sought-after advisory firms in the nation. The company’s broad-ranging portfolio of clients spans the spectrum from government officials to professional athletes to ultra-high net worth investors and beyond. In recent years, Dash has become especially committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups in the cannabis market, though he continues to offer strategic advisory services to companies in the media, entertainment, and sports industries as well. 

Given Darien Dash’s experience in the cannabis industry combined with his commitment to helping Black-owned businesses succeed, the partnership between SR Holdings and The Movement Management Advisors is a perfect match.