8 Hacks to Make the Moving Process Easier on Everyone

Moving from here to there, and sometimes back again, is a part of life. No matter what you do before and during the process, moving is a notoriously nerve-wracking act that can make even the most patient person stressed to the max. Before you even start thinking about where you are moving to, make sure you have a plan of action to fall back on from day one until the end.

1.    Start Your Personal Purge

The easiest way to pack is to get rid of whatever you don’t want or need beforehand. Go through your house, room by room, and decide what stays and what goes. Form three major piles- sell, donate, and throw out. Then, make sure all of the piles are dealt with before you even begin packing to make your boxes and bins that much lighter!

2.    Have Your Supplies Ready To Go

It’s frustrating to run out of tape or boxes in the middle of a packing session. Consider what you will need before you start the process, such as boxes, bins, packing tape, sharpies, garbage bags, bubble wrap, and more. And remember- it’s better to have too much than too little!

3.    Plan for a Peaceful Packing Day

Unless your children are old enough to be a big help, look for other arrangements while you pack up your home. The same goes for pets, especially dogs that get underfoot and need a lot of attention. Ask family, friends, or neighbors if they can keep an eye on your small children or rambunctious pets while you pack up your house in peace.

4.    Use a Portable Storage Company

We all need a little extra space, right? A portable storage container allows you to move your belongings straight into a unit that sits right by your home for easy access. After you’ve packed everything you need, the company will come to you and move the storage unit to your new home. These companies also offer short and long-term storage solutions for their customers.

5.    Leave Your Clothes Where They Are

Why move your clothes from your dresser into a box? Take out the drawers, leave the contents in them, and then wrap the drawers up in a heavy plastic wrap. If you have the manpower, leave everything in the dresser itself and simply wrap up the whole thing! You can also leave your clothes on hangers to make the process even easier.

6.    Save on Packing Materials

You probably have plenty of dish towels, bath towels, cleaning rags, and linens to pack. Why not use them as packing material for more delicate items? Wrap up your breakables, such as dishes and vases, with soft items right from your home. You’ll save space and money!

7.    Take Pictures of Your Boxes and Bins

After you have filled up a box or a storage bin, snap a quick picture of the contents and the label. When you start unpacking in your new home, it will make it easier to find certain items you may need right away.

8.    Pack an Essentials Bag

Pack a small suitcase or bag with the items you will be needing as you move and when you arrive at your new place. This includes medications, phone chargers, toiletries, eating utensils, a cup, important documents, keys, a change of clothes, and anything else you will be using right away.