5 Ways By Leo Olsen Guillot On Leveraging Your Social Media Consultancy Skills

Leo Olsen is a revolutionary social media consultant who started his career at the age of 17. By the time he was 19 years old, he had built his company Mastermind.com and became a millionaire at just 20 years of age. Currently, he runs his social media agency helping multiple companies build their brands while also increasing their revenues. With digital platforms becoming more used by businesses, the need for social media managers has never been higher. For social managers to succeed, they need to harness their skills to keep them on top of the perk. Here are the top five skills you can leverage in your consultancy, by Leo Olsen.

  • Great Organizational Skills

Social media managers often have to juggle multiple tasks, sometimes for multiple clients simultaneously. With each activity demanding high-level execution, monitoring, and analysis, social managers need to be able to organize their work so that they are more efficient and effective at their job. As a manager, you must regularly plan and schedule all the activities to align with the business goals. They must be able to balance the requests from their clients while also coordinating with the internal resource team.

  • Know How To Optimize Content And Technology

Social media is primarily used for PR, where brands are focusing more on building relationships with their audience. As a manager, you will need to have a keen eye and pay attention to details and trends in your community. You will need to demonstrate to clients that you know what you are doing. To do well, managers need to understand what is working and how it works, and the bottom line for clients’ businesses. For example, video content does better than plain texts, and such channels like LinkedIn work better for B2B clientele. Having a team that can help you to craft a message that will resonate with the audience with the right visual content, guiding a customer through the sales funnel will impact significantly on the ROI. Therefore, social managers need to understand the essentials for optimizing content for SEO, converting traffic, and using tools like InVideo, Canva to create eye-catching posts.

  • Have A Creative Mind-set

With so many similar brands, social managers need to tap into their creative side every day, in every post to differentiate themselves and their brands from others. For you to succeed in the world of social media, consultants need to be willing to take risks and experiment with different content, always pushing their limits. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, many people believe that creativity is a personality trait you’re either born with or without. Still, science shows that creativity is a skill people can develop and strengthen. Social media managers thus need to be able to discover new opportunities and act on them.

  • Build On Your Analytical Skills

Every social media manager needs to be able to analyze data to be able to understand what is working and therefore help their clients measure their return on investment in their social marketing strategies. Data analysis allows managers to identify trends and develop recommendations and insights for the stakeholders. With the right information, you will be able to guide clients in the right direction. There are many tools like Agorapulse that managers can use to be able to analyze data regularly against their set KPIs. You should be able to measure the performance of your business in the consultancy so that you can periodically improve yourself and over deliver in your tasks.

  • Be agile

Social media is an ecosystem that is changing very rapidly. For you to make it in the industry, you must be able to change and adapt accordingly. This realization calls for you to pivot quickly and react to trends and challenges or opportunities. Your strategies must be dynamic and flexible, learning from your data every day and listening to feedback from the community. When challenges confront, you have to know how to bounce back. Also, when dealing with your clients, you have to demonstrate guidance through crises or opportunities, and this is possible when you innovate yourself every day. To learn more about how to improve your skills, connect with Leo Olsen now.