How to Get Ready for This Hurricane Season During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it by enforcing social distancing. Certain areas of the country are starting to open back up with most of the public embracing businesses that have been reopened. Hurricane season is not something that a large portion of the country has to deal with. There are areas that deal with these massive storms annually that understand the importance of preparation. The right preparation can allow you to stay at home while enjoying the company of friends or family. The following are tips to get ready for hurricane season during COVID-19.

Start Preparing Early

People understand how tough it was during the infancy of the lockdowns and how difficult it was to find hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Start preparing now by buying extra essentials like that of toilet paper, water, and canned foods. Being able to be stocked up by the time the first major named storm hits the US will provide peace of mind. Stores are going to be overwhelmed with long lines out of the door depending on restrictions a specific state has in place. You do not want to be in close contact with large numbers of people and the grocery store leading up to a hurricane is the perfect example of a large crowd.

Consider Booking a Few Refundable Trips

Booking trips during the pandemic has been quite affordable as many companies in the travel industry are trying anything to generate revenue. Booking a few refundable trips can be a great idea on the weekends during hurricane season. Being able to get out of town for a weekend and visit a city that will not be impacted by the hurricane can be done by plane or car. Driving might be the best mode of transportation if you still do not want to be in close contact with potentially infected individuals.

Start Trimming Trees Near Your Home

Hiring professionals to trim trees near your home might be best instead of climbing a tall ladder solo. The trees can cause damage to windows, cars, and even the roof. The last thing you want is your home to be damaged by a tree branch that easily could have been trimmed. For those people that do not have trees on their property or near their homes, there is still plenty to do as debris flying can still break a window. Talk to neighbors if they have branches hanging over onto your property. Most neighbors do not care if you trim their trees and you have the right to do so if it is on your property. Talking to the neighbors is just a polite thing to do as some people tend to get hostile over anything if it hasn’t been discussed with them.

Check the Roof

Going up onto the roof during the summer is the last thing that many people want to do. Checking for any loose tiles or shingles that have come loose over time. There are roofs that have very heavy tiles on top of the roof which can be dangerous if falling off of a roof during a storm. You do not want to deal with water damage due to a leak that could have been prevented with some proactive patching.

Get Your Well Inspected

You want to make sure that you have water during any type of storm. The last thing you want is your water pump to go out during this time which will make it difficult to shower or do any cleaning. A hand pump can be a great answer but looking into well pump repair and inspection is going to be a wise decision. Keep water coming into your home efficiently by having your well checked out by a professional.

Take time to prepare this hurricane season as last-minute shopping could lead to you breaking your personal social distancing rules. Being prepared is important and if nothing happens you will have supplies well into the future.