Sydney Nightlife: All you Need to Know

Sydney is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with the iconic Sydney Opera House that is nestled in the scenic Sydney Harbour being just one of the major attractions. Sydney is one of the very few cities that offers something for everyone, whether you want to party on the beach with ice-cold beers, or find a great nightclub, or simply unwind in ambient surroundings after a hard day at the office.

Relaxing of NSW Licensing Laws

Recent amendments in the state licensing laws has spawned the arrival of many unique pubs and cocktail bars, so it is worth exploring the quiet little streets, as you are likely to stumble on a real gem of a place. The Grasshopper is a leading bar in the CBD, where you can enjoy an amazing cocktail menu in a warm and strangely unique ambience that you simply have to experience while you’re in town, and walk around that area will reveal a few more hidden gems and a few great eateries.

Waterfront Restaurants

The very best dining experience awaits you when you are at the waterfront, and from most locations, you can see all of the best waterfront restaurants in Sydney, with their glittering lights reflecting on the smooth water. This is one area where it does pay to make reservations, especially in the summer months, and while you will see many tourists, this is where the locals like to relax and enjoy 5-star cuisine, especially at the weekends.

Strict Drinking Guidelines

The Sydney nightclubs usually have a strict dress code and if you appear to have had a little more to drink than you should, expect to be turned away at the door. If you look younger than you really are, take some photo ID along, as you will be asked on numerous occasions if you are touring the nightspots in the harbour area. If there is a specific venue you plan to visit, check them out online, where you will find their dress code policies and that will avoid disappointment on the night.

What to Wear

In the daytime, guys can wear shorts, vests and flip flops, but as the sun goes down, a few establishments will not allow you admission, so evening outings require a smart, casual look; the jeans, trainers and polo shirt look is fine. The girls seem to be able to wear whatever they like, as women tend to dress up rather than down, and in the spring and autumn, it can be a little breezy, so take a jacket along.

Spoiled for Choice

Whether you are into pubs, cocktail bars or nightclubs, Sydney offers a long list of great venues, each with its own unique ambience, and if you happen to know any locals, you can be sure they will take you to the best venues. If you are planning a couple of weeks in Sydney, you will be able to experience a cross-section of entertainment venues and are bound to stumble on at least one that you love.

Expect to have a lively and enjoyable time while out in Sydney, and this multi-cultured society literally has something for everyone.