Dog Bite Accident Attorneys

When we go for a walk or run, the least we imagine is that at that moment we are attacked by a dog, this type of accident tends to be taken lightly, but it can become really serious injuries if precautions are not taken quickly.

For this reason, opting for a lawyer can help the victim to calm the anxiety caused by the animal at the time, in addition to ensuring that compensation is received for the bad moment suffered by the victim, just by clicking here you can locate a Philadelphia dog bite attorney.

A lawyer is necessary when suffering this type of accident

Despite being a highly overrated type of accident, it is advisable in most cases to opt for a lawyer who has experience in these cases, since they can become serious and complicated, in addition to being traumatic moments for anyone who suffers it.

A dog bite accident attorney will evaluate the case and see to it that the victim receives the compensation they rightfully deserve for the injuries sustained, including medical bills, rehabilitation costs, mental health counseling, and lost wages.

Types of injuries that can be caused in these accidents

As mentioned above, dog bites can be light, as they can be serious, especially when these bites exceed the skin layer, in these cases the most crucial thing is to receive immediate medical attention, but it is not the only one. Important injury that can happen are:

  • Nerve damage
  • Torn ligaments due to falls or bites
  • Disfigurement
  • Eye injuries
  • Amputation
  • Lead to death by attempting to flee and avoid the bite

In addition to the physical injuries that are presented, the psychological damage that this type of accident presents must be taken into account, in addition to not being able to work due to the recovery time.

Waiting time for the filing of the dog bite claim

At the time of the accident, the victim has two years according to state law to file a lawsuit for the injuries caused in the accident. Although it should be noted that all types of personal injuries must be presented at the time of the accident, giving this lawsuit a long time can weaken the case and present high and unexpected costs, in addition to the fact that the details may not be as clear and lose contact with any witnesses.

Proof of liability in this type of case

Many of the laws created favor the victim than the owner of the dog in most cases, this is taken into account more than anything in cases involving children under 5 years of age, otherwise it will only be enough for the victim I was able to confirm any of the following options:

  • Was in a public place
  • Was in a private place which was legally invited

It should be noted that it is necessary to ensure who owns the dog that bit, many owners try to sabotage the investigation so that the victim does not sue.