Top 5 Tips For Creating an Impactful Business Name 

Your business’s name is the first thing that anyone interacting with your business will be confronted by. Creating a high impact name is vital to your businesses success in the modern business climate. A “Company builds its business image on its business name and that very name makes it recognizable in the market.” Being recognised in the marketplace is the first step toward a successful business and the first step toward being recognised is an impactful business name.   

Tip 1: Uniqueness

The most important aspect of consideration for creating a new business name is uniqueness. It is vital that your business name separates your business from the competition. The first introduction which anyone will receive to your business is your business’s name. The name will have to be strong enough that it compels your potential customers to consider using your business. If your name is not unique customers will most likely not notice your business and your business will be forgotten along with many others. This is a difficult tip to implement due to the large number of businesses currently in operation. However new and unique business names are created daily. It is helpful when creating a business name to search for other similar business concepts to ensure that your name is not already taken or too similar to another business’s.   

Tip 2: Memorability

It is vital that your business name is memorable and that it sticks in your customers minds. With the significant amount of information saturation in today’s modern world, your business has to fight to stand out in people’s minds. A memorable business name is the best tool in your arsenal in order to do this. This also ties in with tip one as uniqueness will greatly assist your business name’s memorability. A unique name will be more likely to stick out to people and will be more memorable because of its novelty. 

Tip 3: Ease of Use 

A business name should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. The easier the name is to use the easier it will be to spread the word about your business. People will be more likely to talk about your business if your business name is easy to pronounce. A complicated business name will hinder your business as it will be difficult for people to pronounce. This will make people less likely to talk about your business or share it with others. Additionally, people may feel insecure about saying your business’s name if it is too complicated and they are unsure of how to correctly pronounce it. 

Tip 4: Creativity 

A business name should be as creative as possible. This ties in with both tip one and tip two. A creative business name will most likely be unique and moreover a creative name will also be memorable. Techniques like mind-mapping, word association and freewriting will help your creativity flow and facilitate the creation of a memorable, unique and creative business name. If you are having trouble tapping into your creative juices try The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC)’s business name generator. This will greatly assist you when creating a name as it provides hundreds of options to choose from. 

Tip 5: Short and Catchy 

A great business name will be short and to the point. It will tell your potential customers about your business and who your business is as a brand. A short name will also be easier to pronounce and easier to remember. This will help people grab on to your business name and not allow them to forget it. A short name will also be catchier by its nature as its brevity will allow it to be more easily remembered. If your name can be shorter it should be. Any extraneous information or fluff should be kept from your business’s name. 

Final Thoughts 

An impactful business name is key to achieving success in the highly competitive modern business environment. A high impact name needs to be unique, memorable, easy to use, creative, short and catchy. These are the fundamental elements of a successful business name and the elements which your business name must include.