The Joan 6 Pro Recognized for its Excellent Product Design by German Design Council

The Joan 6 Pro meeting room scheduler recently received recognition from the German Design Council for its excellent product design. Created by the German government, the German Design Council’s purpose was to support the country’s industries to help counter the effects of WWII. Over the years, and with the sponsorship of German industries, it has become one of the leading authorities on design, brands, and innovations

Through their various activities, which include conferences, seminars, and competitions, participants share enriching and informative experiences. In addition, through its international Design Awards, the council takes the opportunity to inform the public of the developments and trends in various industries. First introduced in 2016, these awards are held in high esteem globally and indicate a commitment to excellence for those receiving the recognition.

The council supports sustainable business success and economic relevance through their primary focus, and the Joan 6 Pro’s features align perfectly with these.

Focusing on Innovation

“Products today need to add value and offer solutions,” says Rok Zalar, co-founder of Visionect, the company behind the brand Joan. “The Joan 6 Pro’s winning design features, which captured the attention of the jury of the German Design Council, speak directly to their target market, proving that people want outstanding design combined with cutting-edge innovation.”

Innovation means finding solutions for products and services that shape the future. However, to ensure that these products can stimulate buyer interest and the economy, today’s product designers need to consider several factors. Digitalization, sustainability, AI, and globalization are the primary areas of interest.

The Joan 6 Pro uses several innovative features that garnered the recognition of the German Design Council. For example, the device uses advanced e-ink technology, ensuring extra-long battery life and a minimal carbon footprint thanks to its low energy consumption. In addition, one charge of the Joan 6 Pro, using a USB C Cable, gives it up to 6 months of battery life (99% less than LCD screens).

Companies can either opt for a fully-wired version or use the Smart Magnet to mount it wirelessly. Even with the wireless option, the Joan 6 Pro automatically displays all the information required for specific conference rooms.

Defining Through Design

The German Design Council considers outstanding design a universal language and promotes it through several events and awards. From the support of young talent to the visibility of the design process and cross-industry sharing, they look for designs that play a communicative role and define a product.

With its minimalistic design features, the Joan 6 Pro exudes sophistication and clarity. Available in Slate Gray and Graphite Black, the meeting room scheduler fits perfectly into any workplace. In addition, much thought has gone into the sustainability of each device, and all materials are energy-efficient and non-polluting. Furthermore, all material requires a minimum amount of water for their production.

As workspaces continue to evolve, the Joan 6 Pro offers functionality and flexibility that lend to its design excellence. In addition, organizations require no additional software to run the meeting room scheduler. It is ready to use with their preferred app straight out of the box.

Joan 6 Pro’s Sustainable Approach

The Joan platform creates a better work environment for organizations and ensures better collaborations. However, their approach has always been to ensure sustainability for our environment.

Helping the environment remains the overall philosophy of the team at Visionect. They reflect their concerns in the design and manufacture of all their products. Energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and minimal water use form the triangle of their sustainable approach.

They take this one step further with the Joan 6 Pro, with one tree planted for every device to help minimize its minimal carbon footprint.

Bottom Line

The work tech brand Joan strives to present innovative solutions that meet the demands of the modern workspace. Since its launch in 2007, they have focused on three crucial aspects for meeting workplace solutions – accurately delivering information, design excellence, and simplicity.

In what has proven a winning formula for the company, the Joan 6 Pro exhibits all the desired innovation and design elements that have received several awards throughout 2022. Moreover, its technology and design make it a timeless meeting room scheduler that got its due recognition from the esteemed German Design Council.