The Advantages of a Vanity Phone Number

Reasons why a vanity phone number is important for your business.

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Consumers want an experience that is streamlined and hassle-free. Not only that, but most consumers look for great after sales support and communication.

Vanity phone numbers play an integral role in the customer experience. Considering the fact that most individuals can remember words a lot easier than numbers, creating a custom phone number that spells out a catchy word, can drive a lot of customer traffic towards a business. 

Apart from just being a creative way in which to market a business, vanity phone numbers come with plenty of other benefits. 

The Benefits

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is how to stand out from the crowd. Below are the reasons a vanity phone number can help your business achieve an advantage in the marketplace.

  1. An operational asset

Vanity phone numbers can be very underrated, but they actually have a lot of operational benefits apart from the obvious branding and marketing aspects.

Toll-free vanity phone numbers are easy to memorize, increasing the chances of customers recalling your businesses contact details instead of someone else’s. This is key in a market where it is sometimes hard for businesses to differentiate from one another.

A business can also integrate their vanity phone number into an effective contact center environment where CRM tools can track and manage communication and customer relationships.

This makes a vanity phone number a major operational asset. Contact center solutions such as analytics tools, call automation and data capturing can increase a businesses productivity as well as their customer service.

  1. Promotes mobility and flexibility

One of the best features of a vanity phone number is the ability to divert them directly to a mobile device. This means that customers can still get support, even when no one is at the office. 

A vanity phone number also provides the flexibility of scaling the capacity of the service up or down. When paired with a contact center solution, this enables a business to rapidly respond to changes in consumer demand.

For example, during a promotion period, incoming calls might go up substantially. Businesses can easily increase their service capacity to cater for the demand.

  1. Gives a business credibility

One of the biggest problems new brands face is credibility especially when competing with well-established brands that have built up trust with consumers over the years. 

A brand that makes the effort with a customized number, automatically elevates its credibility in the minds of consumers. Because vanity phone numbers can be created to fit the brand’s purpose or name, customers can literally spell out the word when dialing the number. 

It also has the ability to make the brand seem more established and much larger than it necessarily is.

  1. Builds a brand

Many brands are known by one distinctive feature. Whether it is a logo or a catch phrase, the aim is to have an identifier synonymous with the brand name. A vanity phone number is a marketing tool that can be utilized to build brand recognition.

Vanity phone numbers are easy to print in newspapers or marketing material and when it is consistently used, have the ability to increase brand association through memorability, recall and sharing.

  1. Easily measured

Investing in a vanity phone number and possible contact center solutions is pointless if the performance can not be measured. How will a business know what their ROI (return on investment) is without relevant data to back it up?

CRM tools coupled with a vanity phone number can perform an array of calculations such as customer engagement, satisfaction and whether a marketing strategy is working or not.

Final Words

There is no dispute that vanity phone numbers create a competitive advantage for businesses. Many small businesses shy away from the costs of obtaining a vanity phone number, however in the long term, they can provide a great return on investment.

Businesses can distinguish themselves from their competitors by having a memorable vanity phone number that customers can easily recall. This increases a businesses chance of being the first to be called when a consumer is looking for a product or service.