Michael Bash, Author, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Expert

Michael Bash author of Million Dollar Miracle: How to Earn Millions of Dollars In One Day and Never Have To Work Again provides his method of how to purchase and rezone land to make a large profit and to duplicate the entire process. With over 50 years of expertise, Michael Bash offers his hard-earned advice and experience on how to apply his rezoning techniques. Through humor and stories, you’ll learn how Michael made himself a million however, how you can do the same!

What’s your story? How did you get the idea? *

I was was raised in Jerusalem. At a young age, I was interested in religion and loved the tale of how Paul/Saul took an area and developed it. I’ve always had an interest in electronics and had an uncle living in New Jersey who could help me. I came to the U.S., and after getting my degree, I got an employment in electronics. There I helped to reprocess an operational device that produced one unit, which was later expanded up to 24 units. It was these two situations that stick out in my mind where I saw the possibility to use something and make improvements to it thus increasing its production and efficiency, as well as the way it helped other people.

Describe the process of launching the business. *

Rezoning is a process that involves several key steps. Begin by researching a piece of land you want to buy for rezoning by looking into the kind of place it’s in, what kind of schools in the area, neighboring businesses, etc. The next step is attending the city’s meetings and get to know people such as councilmen and the mayor as well as neighbors. If you are able to meet with any of them beforehand and help them in achieving their goals, then they are likely to assist you. For example, I bought a 20-acre piece of property at a low cost due to an incinerator nearby. By constructing a wall and beautifying my property, I was able to hide the elements that people consider ugly. I also negotiated with neighbors for their consent by using 1 acre of property to enhance their property.

Since your launch, what’s done to get and keep customers? (or from other investors/companies that will)*

It’s the ability to be a connector with people, particularly women that has assisted my career and personal life. I’m a warm-hearted person who’s always been a fan of people. I was raised this way but it was not instilled to me. I also enjoy charity work and enjoy helping those with less resources.

What’s your current situation and what is the next step? look like? *

At the age of 90, I am healthy and robust! I talked to a fortune teller once, who said to me that I’ll be around until 102 years old! I’d like to write another book over the next few years. I’m also looking to work with a person younger than me who I can teach and can help me with the running around for the one-time rezoning task.

When you first started your business, have you learned anything helpful or advantageous? *

I’ve learned quite a bit throughout my years of rezoning properties. The majority of people are looking in the wrong places when searching for property to buy or develop. Look for areas that are vacant and undeveloped.

What tool or platform do you currently use to run your company? *

I don’t employ any platforms or tools for my work. I rely on my people skills, my ability to spot opportunities and profit whenever I spot it. My ability to connect with others and genuine willingness to support others are my tools and platform.

What are the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources? *

I’ve loved reading since the age of a child. Freud, Russian novels come to my mind. Concerning his business I don’t think you need books. In the beginning, I met an amazing real estate agent who was older than I am. He taught me a lot about the real estate industry. I also purchased property from him, so it was a win-win.

Any advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to get started or are just starting out? *

Find someone who is in real estate. If you don’t know anyone you can call around and get to know them to see which one would be a good fit. Try to create a win-win-win situation in which you learn from them , and you can help them as well. Don’t just follow the conventional ways of doing things.

After borrowing $30,000 from a friend of his father to finance his first real estate deal, Bash officially became a millionaire. Since then, he has been involved with major planning and zoning projects and building and developing a number of shopping centers, hundreds of homes, office buildings, water and sewer systems, and nearly 3,000 apartment units and condos throughout New York State. He helped to fund Danny Thomas’s annual telethon for St. Jude’s Hospital which raises $10-20 million per year. He also participated in building the Laniado Hospital in Netanya, Israel, and is one of the founders and contributors to the Jerusalem Great Synagogue. In addition, Bash has contributed $1 million to Ben Gurian University in Israel.

For more information go to: https://www.amazon.com/Million-Dollar-Miracle-Dollars-Never-ebook/dp/B097KGFDZ8